Many overweight people who recently lose weight are plagued with loose skin. As such, they seek how to tighten loose skin without surgery

The problem is so prevalent, that many depressed people who finally are able to lose the weight they are battling with all their lives, fall into another bout of depression, due to their excess weight.

1. Water Flush

The water flush is the most important and by far the quickest way to get rid of loose skin after weight loss naturally.

Just as the name implies, it involves flushing your stomach, three times daily, with room temperature water.

The water is not drunk to stay hydrated but to flush the system of toxic radicals, like loose skin.

Gas passed from a person’s bowel can smell a lot. Now imagine the stench in the system holding in that gas… It will be horrible.

As such, just as you flush a toilet after pooping, you also have to flush your stomach daily, to remove toxins from your body.

  1. Get a 150 cl bottle. You can buy this from a store.
  2. Immediately after waking up (before you even brush your teeth). Fill the 150 cl bottle with water of room temperature. Make sure the water is room temperature.
  3. Drink the entire contents of the bottle within 5 minutes. Make sure 10 mins has not passed since you woke up and when you finished drinking the 150 cl bottle of room temperature water.
  4. At noon or when your urine starts becoming colored, fill the 150 cl bottle and drink half of the bottle.
  5. By 6 pm drink the remaining half (75 cl) of the bottle.

2. VegCspice smoothie

VegCspice smoothie is a blend of vegetables, coffee, citrus, and spices, to get a fat-burning concoction.

These ingredients are turned into a smoothie in a blender, and then drunk three times daily.

VegCspice smoothie must be done in combination with the water flush, to see the best results.

To know about the ingredients and procedures in doing the VegCspice smoothie, read this post.

3. Herbal Teas

There is a reason why teas are held in high regard by the Chinese. In fact, one of the benefits of herbal teas is dissolving adipose tissue-like loose skin.

4. Skin Cream

Skin creams made by skincare professionals can help in shrinking excess skin.

Care should be taken when selecting reputable skincare products, and only vetted products made from organic products should be used.

5. Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is responsible for better skin, improvement of bone health, organ health, etc.

Simply put, a human being without collagen cannot survive.

As mentioned above, one of the functions of collagen is to improve skin health.

6. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is known for its skincare properties, one of which is keeping the skin firm.

For best effects, the plant must be gotten in its natural state, and not in health care products, since the effect might get diluted by other additives.

Planting aloe vera in clay pots might be a good idea for anybody.

7. Time

With time, a person with loose skin loses excess skin, if they eat healthy food and live a stress-free life.

The body is the most adaptable organism, and with time, the loose skin is absorbed back into the body to keep it alive.

On average, this can take around 5 – 10 years for the body to absorb back the loose skin.

This method should only be considered if you don’t mind having loose skin on your body.


Does loose skin after weight loss go away?

Depending on your lifestyle, loose skin can go away. Engaging in the water flush is known to melt the fats away gradually.

How to Avoid loose skin after weight loss?

To avoid loose skin after weight loss you need to do the following:

  1. Practice the water flush, during your weight loss.
  2. Drink the VegCspice smoothie three times daily.

How much does loose skin weigh?

On average, loose skin weigh about 5 – 10 pounds, when cutting off surgically.

How much weight loss causes loose skin?

Ideally, losing weight does not cause loose skin. Loose skin only comes about when a person loses weight too fast (rapidly). On average losing a third of your body weight in less than a year, causes you to have loose skin.