I started this blog, particularly to help people who are overweight or obese. People perish because of a lack of knowledge. You are fat right now, not because the universe is against you, but because you just don’t have the knowledge to save yourself from being overweight. As such, I decided to outline an easy way for people like you to use water therapy to lose weight.

What is water therapy?

Water therapy is the use of water to heal the body from disease and ailments. The water is ingested at specified times with details of the amount of water ingested.

Contrary to popular belief, being overweight can be an indication of diseases in the body.

Benefits of Water Therapy

The benefits of water therapy are enormous and life-changing. After undergoing the so-called water therapy for 30 days, below are some of the effects it had on me.

Increase in Energy Levels

Before the water therapy, I always had low energy levels. Even if I went to bed early, I would always feel sleepy immediately after waking up. My energy levels were low. This affected my production in school and work. Truth be told, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this post, had I not been undergoing water therapy.

Everybody around me would always make fun of me that I was fat and dull. It was infuriating, but it was true.

The first day, I started the therapy, was phenomenal. My energy levels went from 0 – 100. I wasn’t drowsy, I didn’t feel sleepy. I just felt younger and energetic. It was almost unreal.

I highly recommend water therapy, to anybody, even those that are not overweight. Your body is made up of 70% water for a reason.

Brain Clarity

Another point I would like to make was that I could now remember with ease, those things I would easily have forgotten.

Of recent, I suddenly started struggling to remember certain things. For example, If I was thinking about something and a person distracts me for just a second. I would forget what I was thinking about.

The most painful part of the ordeal was trying to remember what I just forgot. It was frustrating, to say the least. But after I started the water therapy, I began to have a brain clarity, like never before.

Unlike the energy levels, the brain clarity came gradually, perhaps, the water was healing me gradually internally.

Improve Bowel Movements

Before, I used to be constipated, like all the time.

I eat, shawarma, I get constipated. I eat rice, I get constipated. I eat meat, I get constipated. Even when I breathe, I get constipated. It was annoying as fuck, to say the least.

Nothing is more embarrassing than being constipated all the time and passing gas, everywhere you go. My friends even nicknamed me Jonathan the last Airbender, due to the sheer amount of gas I was passing. Although it didn’t bother me (since I had mastered shame), I just wanted to be rid of this problem. As sometimes I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

The first day, I started the water therapy, this was the first thing I noticed. Throughout the day, I wasn’t constipated. I didn’t pass gas (I didn’t air bend), and I was ecstatic and happy.

Also, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in my own body.

Skin Improvement

As a boy, I had always had perfect skin, that was until I contracted staph infection.

All of a sudden, I was having acne and pimples on my forehead. Although it wasn’t very pronounced, it made my face very rough.

2 weeks into the water therapy, I woke up one morning to discover that my face was as smooth as a baby’s butt. It was then I decided to monitor any further changes to my skin, whether positive or negative.

Daily, I noticed that my skin tone was getting lighter and lighter. It was as if, an internal lamp in my body was been lit and I was glowing up.

People around me, are asking me, what body lotion I am using. Whenever I tell them that it was water therapy, they are in denial, and vehemently say I am using a premium skincare product.

Detoxifies the body and All Internal Organs

I have always felt a sharp pain on my left side. Of which I planned to see the doctor. Due to my busy schedule, this plan fail to materialize. Compound that with the fact that, the pain was irregular and far in-between.

For the whole duration of the 30 days of the water therapy, I haven’t for once felt this pain. At first, I was surprised, since I felt the pain at least once a week. But for the past 30 days, I have not felt any pains.

As such, I have decided to incorporate, water therapy into my lifestyle till the day I die. It only makes sense to add more water to a body that is already 70% water.

Relieves Backpain and Arthritis

I picked up an ACL injury from intense exercise, during my college days in 2014. I always felt as if I only have one and a half legs. My knee always felt different and light.

When I started the water therapy, I have felt a substantial amount of relieve, particularly after I ingested the water.

Sometimes I totally forgot that I had an ACL injury. Only when I remember does the pain come back a little bit.

If water therapy can alleviate my knee pain, then I feel no reason, anybody with back pain or arthritis won’t benefit from water therapy.


When you are practicing water therapy, there is no need to drink more water. Your body is contented with you. As you also, feel content with yourself.

Weight Loss

The most shocking side effect I experienced from water therapy, was the weight loss. Back before I started the program I weighed 78 kg. After just 30 days of following the water therapy guide judiciously. My weight came down to a whopping 65 kg, without any physical exercise

If you are overweight and find it hard losing weight. I personally advocate that you start with water therapy, to bring down your weight before, even dieting or going to the gym.

Disadvantages of Water Therapy

Like all good things in life. Water therapy also has its own disadvantages.


Due to the sheer amount of water been ingested on a daily basis, the body has to find a way to expel the water. The result is an uncontrollable visit to the restroom.

Expect to visit the restroom at least 5 to 6 times in a day (for people with big bladders), or 9 to 14 times in a day (for people with small bladder).


At first, when I started water therapy, there was this euphoria I had after drinking water. It was almost as if I was on drugs.

This water intoxication can become dangerous if too much water is ingested (for people that don’t follow instructions and go overboard). In fact, people have actually passed out from ingesting too much water, since their body sodium levels become too low. Although this has only happened to marathon runners.

Purge (Toilet Visit)

Immediately in the morning when you start the therapy. You will feel the need to purge, since the water ingested into your body, is flushing your digestive system.

Go with the flow and make sure your clear your digestive system of all the waste products in it.

Water Therapy for Weight Loss

Like all therapies, specific instructions must be followed judiciously to get the desired results.

  1. Get a 150 cl bottle. You can buy this from a store.
  2. Immediately after waking up (before you even brush your teeth). Fill the 150 cl bottle with water of room temperature. Make sure the water is room temperature.
  3. Drink the entire contents of the bottle within 5 minutes. Make sure 10 mins has not passed since you woke up and when you finished drinking the 150 cl bottle of room temperature water.
  4. At noon or when your urine starts becoming colored, fill the 150 cl bottle and drink half of the bottle.
  5. By 6 pm drink the remaining half (75 cl) of the bottle.