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When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. This is the case of keeping fit when disabled.

Being a disabled person isn’t an easy task. In fact, only a tough mind can walk this part in life and not become insane.

The only silver lining about all this is that when there is life, there is hope. As such, all disabled people are encouraged to keep on pushing on, as life had never played fair.

Famous Disabled people

Everybody has a role model, and so should every disabled people.

Having a role model is an encouragement to you, to keep pushing on, even with your limitations in life. This is what success is about.

Success isn’t a thing where you do a big act, but repeating simple daily tasks and achieving them.

Depending on where you are disabled,

If your hands are disabled, start using your legs. When your legs are disabled, start using your arms. If your arms and legs are disabled, start using your brain.

A famous disabled person by the name Stephen William Hawking channeled all the energy required for his hands, brains and biological movements into his brain.

He is considered one of the best physicists of his time.

Another famous disabled person is Jon morrow, who created one of the most successful blogs on earth.

The most important thing is the mind, and when the mind has a strong will, there is a way.

Keeping Fit When Disabled

Think been disabled is hard, think about keeping fit when disabled. Whether your disability was from birth, accident or old age, you need to keep fit, to make your life less burdensome.

The healthier, you are the lesser you will think about your present predicament of been disabled.

The biggest mistake we humans make is to always think about the future and the past, yet totally forget about the present.

As a disabled person, you need to start living in the moment, to avoid stress, which can cause negative side effects on your body.

Below are some of the tips I encourage disabled people to adopt.

1. Swimming

Depending on your disability, some people can actually swim, despite the fact that they are disabled.

As long as you have appendages you should be able to swim.

The reason I chose swimming is that swimming is the best exercise in the world, yet it is the most forgiving on the body’s joints and ligaments.

As such, it should be perfectly normal, for you if you are physically challenged.

You must make sure somebody is around to supervise you when you swim because the risk of drowning is higher for disabled people.

But if you can master swimming, it would be one of the best things for you in your life.

2. Herbal Teas and Drink

Let’s be honest here (I know the truth is bitter), but bear with me a little. Your body as a disabled person, do not require as many calories as somebody who is not disabled.

For this reason, you should switch from the more conventional foods and start drinking herbal teas.

Herbal teas are loaded with antioxidants, which will help to revive your health.

3. Play and Avoid Depression

Nobody needs to tell you that your condition is hard, but you should never give in to despair and lose hope.

Yes, your life is hard, but are you a lion or a goat?

If you chose a lion, then you must do away with your fears (as lions are not scared), as face life head-on.

Giving yourself no sympathy. Because at the end of the day, you are a lion, and you kill your food, before eating it.

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