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Show me a billionaire and I will show you a person that wakes up early. There is a reason for this as the benefits of waking up early are many.

Below I list some of the most common benefits of waking up early.

1. More time

On average, a human sleeps about 8 hours a day.

If you were to multiply that by the ideal life span of a person of 120 years, the result will amount to 350400 hours, 14600 days, 2085.71 weeks, 480 months or 40 years.

That is 40 years of time you will never see again.

Now imagine, you started sleeping for 7 hours daily instead of 8 hours.

That will amount to 43830 hours or 5 years.

That is an additional 5 years you have gotten to use, just by waking up 1 hour earlier daily.

2. Mental Reset

There is a reason soldiers have one of the toughest minds in the world today.

It is due to the constant mental reset they have gotten from waking up 2-3 hours earlier than all the people around them.

3. Biological Reset

Waking up early is known to influence your biology (body), in ways science cannot explain.

First of all, your metabolism is ahead of everybody, and fats in your body are burnt off, which prevents obesity.

Secondly, your thinking faculty (your brain), is shocked into becoming more active.

You just find yourself, being more active, more alert, and you get a higher level of energy than usual, due to the fact that your hormones are now synchronized with nature.

5. Increased Productivity

Like I said earlier, just sleeping 1 hour lesser daily, will give you an additional 5 years of a productive life spent.

Now imagine waking up 2 hours earlier, than your competition (people around you)?

Overall that will be an additional 10 years added to your productivity portfolio, which your competitors will never get.

6. Contentment

You only get to once, and if you mess up, you need to deal with the consequences yourself.

Contentment is the state of being satisfied with what you have.

The more you wake up earlier, the more you begin to appreciate the little things which you always overlook in life.

Over time, these seeds of appreciation mature into a life of contentment for just been able to breathe, see and talk.

You begin to become enlightened, as you realize that at the end of it all, everything on earth is vanity, and no matter how rich you become, you cannot take your wealth, with you to your grave.

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