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What is Shredding (Cutting)?

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Sometimes in life, a genius or idiot, comes up with a name, which sticks. Eventually, everybody starts using it. Hence why you are asking the question, what is shredding (cutting)?


Nobody knows where the word shredding originated from, but it was pretty common amongst fitness enthusiast; bodybuilders, runners, fitness coaches, and even rugby players were using it.

That being said, the word was more common among body buildiers, who went through a stage called bulking (building up body mass), the shreeding (cutting off body mass).

Today, it is a standard term, and vastly used around the world, by fitness experts alike.

What are Shredding (Cutting)?

Shredding simply put, is the act of cutting down body mass in the form of fats, after a period of building muscles.

During the bulking phase, of building up body mass, undesirable body mass, like fats, is acquire by the body, and hence this fats, have to be removed, to expose the built up body contour created, by the body’s muscles.

Shredding (Cutting) Techniques

There are no standard techniques to follow, during shredding. The most important part, is to cut out, unwanted body fats, to reveal the details and contours, of the body, created during the bulking phase.

Now, since the techniques was made, by amateurs bodybuilders, and eventually finetuned as time went on, the methods, have become divulged, with so many fitness gurus, now claiming, best shreeding method.

As such, there is no standard method, to follow during the shredding phase, except to follow, the three rules:

  1. Workout
  2. Diet
  3. Rest

1. Workout

Workout during the shredding phase, consists of cardiovascular activities, like running, soccer, etc., that gets the heart rate up, and promotes burning of body fats.

First timers are adviced to adhere, to lighter cardiovascular activities, whereas expert, shredders, can engage in more challenging cardiovascular activities.

Some of the common cardiovascular activities include some of the following.

  1. Jump rope
  2. Burpee
  3. Dancing
  4. Running
  5. Jumping jacks
  6. Jogging
  7. Thread mill activities
  8. Swimming
  9. Cycling, etc

2. Diet

Since the aim is to rid the body of fats, whose source is carbohydrates and fats. Meals are scarce of fats and carbohydrates.

Proteins, and water, are served generously, to build and keep the body hydrated. Remember proteins, are bodybuilding foods, so it is advised to go haywire on them, and not be laxed in consuming them.

3. Rest

Adequate rest is important during a shredding phase, because, muscles need to rest and recuperate, after intense cardiovascular activities.

In fact, during the resting phase, muscles, can be better equipped to burn off the exercise body fats.


It wouldn’t make sense, that so many people, engage in an activity, that doesn’t produce, any benefits.

Below are some of the benefits of shredding that you should know of.

1. Improves body Contours

Shredding rids the body of adipose tissues, around it, which hides away the body shapes, like abs, obliques, and chissed v tapered body.

Engaging in shredding activities, can help accentuate, the beautiful physicality of a human body. Revealing the contours, and body shape.

2. Improves self esteem

Self esteem, is mostly, tied around been better than other people.

With most of the world’s population, been primarily, overweight or obese. Having a shredded body can help in boosting a person’s confidence, and self esteem.

3. Increase in Energy

The exercises a person undergoes, to achieve, a good shreedding regimen, is no joke. As such, all the advantages, exercises, profers to an individuals, are gained during a shredding regimen, including increase in energy levels.

Runners high, and increase in energy levels, can become normal, in people who engage in more cardiovascular activities, during their shredding regimen.


With all good things in life, shredding also has its own fair share of risks involved.

Risk of Injury

An athlete or person, that engages in shredding, runs the risks of injury.

In fact, this risk of injury, is a little bit higher than normal, since the person will depend mainly in cardiovascular activities to burn up fats, as the time for an event moves closer.