You looked in the mirror, and what you saw wasn’t pleasing to you.

Questions start flying through your head. How the hell did you become like this? What actually happened to you?

You even go back to look through your childhood photos and are shocked at your transformation for the worst.

If that is you then my heart goes out to you.

Have you calculated your BMI? If you haven’t done it below? If you have, then continue reading.


Body mass index Chart

Normal Weight19-24.9
Overweight 25-29.9
Obesity Level 1 30-34.9
Obesity Level 2 35-39.9
Obesity Level 3Above 40

If you have come to terms with the fact that you are obese, then let’s proceed.

Why your body is special?

I know all the fat-shaming might have put a huge toll on your body. But you have to realize that your body is delicate at this point in time.

Any wrong move and you might get injured.

Trust me, the worst thing that can happen to you right now is to get injured. For example, I recently got an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury, and I can’t even do the slightest workout. And I am pretty in good shape.

Now imagine, if you get injured, what will be the effects?

You will not only not get fatter, but you might just as well kiss that dream of yours to lose weight goodbye because injury repair surgeries are very expensive.

So the premise of this morbidly obese weight loss plan is to get your body mass index below 30 before you can even attempt exercising to lose weight.

Don’t worry, I feel your pain, I know what you are passing through, so I created the most balance plan for you.

Why you can’t follow conventional Weight Loss Plans

Asides injuries, conventional weight loss plans like this Lose weight fast plan, have the following effects on obese persons:

  1. Too stressful for your body
  2. High propensity to quit plan, due to fat-shaming.
  3. Skins flaps after weight loss

As such, you must first reduce your body mass index below 30, before you can then take up the 84 days weight loss program.

Below are the things you need to start now. You don’t have to perform surgery to become healthy, just do everything I outlined below

1. Water Flush

At your current weight and body mass index, this water therapy will make you consistently lose 20-30 kilograms per month. And I am not joking around.

The steps are outlined as follows

  1. Get a 150 cl bottle. You can buy this from a store.
  2. Immediately after waking up (before you even brush your teeth). Fill the 150 cl bottle with water of room temperature. Make sure the water is room temperature.
  3. Drink the entire contents of the bottle within 5 minutes. Make sure 10 mins has not passed since you woke up and when you finished drinking the 150 cl bottle of room temperature water.
  4. At noon or when your urine starts becoming colored, fill the 150 cl bottle and drink half of the bottle.
  5. By 6 pm drink the remaining half (75 cl) of the bottle.

But for it to work you must be committed to the plan

2. Diet

Your diet has to completely change to a diet high in animal protein and vegetables.

I don’t want to hear anything about vegetarianism. You want to lose weight, and I want to show you the best possible way.

Carnivores are more agile than prey because they eat meat. Humans are more alert when they begin to eat more meat.

If you can change your diet, to reflect more protein and vegetables, then you will start shedding fats like a smoke machine.

3. Stop Sucking in Your Stomach to look fit

Who are you kidding, you are already fat, so why do you keep sucking in your stomach to look fit?

A car needs air to have proper combustion. In the same vein, your body needs oxygen for proper combustion of ingested food.

Like trickles of water that over time feels up a bucket. Not breathing overtime causes gradual storage of fats that overtime becomes obesity.

4. Vegetable smoothies and Lemonades instead of snacks

Instead of eating snacks, you should start drinking vegetable smoothies and lemonades. Although they don’t taste great, they are immensely good for the morbidly obsessed.

5. Avoid Stress and Toxic Individuals

I shouldn’t be the one to emphasis this to you. Since you are fat, you are the object of ridicule for every fit person. They derive fulfillment from feeling better than you. If you were swapped with them it would be the same.

If you don’t believe tell me one time, you didn’t feel good for being the best in something? For that reason, you must strive to avoid these toxic people, who might unintentionally, be doing these things to hurt you

6. Runaway from Diet Drinks.

Diet drinks are another abomination that corporate greed has created. They are so addictive, yet so unhealthy.

Despite this fact, millions of liters of soda, are consumed daily around the world. The fact that these businesses report profits in every annual report. This leads me to believe business is booming.

Diet drinks contain a chemical known as aspartame, which even health care professionals aren’t sure of. In other words, you are gambling with your health when you consume aspartame.

Yet gullible people, drink themselves to death.

7. Marijuana Tea

The health effects of marijuana tea are as far-reaching as it is a miracle slim tea.

Drinking (not smoking), marijuana alleviates many symptoms people suffer from today. And it is well known that marijuana promotes weight loss.

I mean, have you ever seen a marijuana smoke that is obese?


To recap all we have learned. A summary of the perfect morbidly obese weight loss plan:

  1. Water flush, to lose 20 – 30 kilograms per month.
  2. Diet high in protein, to build muscles that will help you burn off fats
  3. Stop sucking in your stomach as it affects your bodies internal combustion (digestion)
  4. Drink vegetable smoothies instead of snacks to keep you full.
  5. Avoid being stress up and toxic people, so that you don’t fall into depression.
  6. Runaway from diet drinks, they are worse than normal soda.
  7. Marijuana Tea

Your primary focus should be on the water flush, all other advice is secondary. After doing this continuously for 2 months, I am sure your body mass index, should be below 30, then you can proceed to the 84 days weight loss program.