Trying to make a change is a good thing, trying to know how to stop emotional binge eating is a welcome action. Since you are trying to make a positive change in your life.

Steps to Undertake

  1. Be honest with yourself (Lion or Goat)
  2. Blame only yourself
  3. Open your mind
  4. Know the cause of your stress
  5. Change your life today one step at a time.

1. Be honest with yourself (Lion or Goat)

Apart from money, lies make the world go round. It is so deceptive, yet it is an emotional currency, the hearts of many yearn to have.

Everybody on the earth is a hypocrite. We are all sinners, yet we try to live uprightly when we cannot even be honest about ourselves.

And all these are caused by shame.

Now that we have an agreement that we are all hypocritical liars, you must understand that if you are a human being, lying has become a secret bad habit of yours.

Many would refuse to admit it, but that again is a big lie. Turning a bad eye on this lie is what causes many people to waste all their lives, in a mediocre state.

If you have accepted that indeed you are a chronic liar, who lies to everybody, you must accept that you are lying to yourself right now.

Think about it, all throughout history, people have always denied the truth. Humans have always yearned for their evil side because somehow it was cooler to be evil.

This toxic attraction of humanity of evil has to be the main reason, why humans waste their lives since their good side frightened them.

Then they tell themselves more blissful lies, till their entire limited lifespan has been completely spent, uselessly.

As such, the question becomes are you a wise lion, or a foolish goat?

Will you keep up living a life or lies which never brings fulfillment, or grab your perfect state of honesty, and make it shine.

Either way, the choice is yours.

2. Blame only Yourself

The world is such a horrible place. Everything is so off, everything is in shamble.

Hence why you are looking for how to stop emotional and binge eating, as you are just using it as a coping mechanism.

But here is where everything goes wrong for the majority of people. They blame everybody around them for their problem, without blaming themselves.

Now think about it, birds avoid forests because they are barren. Yet they will happily live in a densely forested area.

In other words, I am saying that similar things attract each other.

If you walked up to a person, and the person gave you a dirty slap, don’t blame the person for giving you a dirty slap, rather blame yourself for walking up to that person and receiving a hot slap.

You are the author and finisher of your limited life (only 120 years). Living anyway other than this is selling yourself short.

Now, why would I tell you to only blame yourself for your problems?

Well, I give valid reasons below:

  1. You are your worst enemy
  2. Change is constant. Life is like a turbulent sea. You are like a boat, sailing through the sea. You can never control the sea (other people), but you can control yourself (boat).
  3. Without blaming yourself for your problem, you can never see the big picture of self-improvement.
  4. Blaming yourself, makes you stand out, in a world filled with goats.

3. Open your mind to the possibilities

Now this stage is the most important part of this whole post, in your quest to know how to stop emotional and binge eating.

Listen, the greatest prison on earth is the prison of the mind.

You need to open your mind to the endless possibilities that exist for you.

For example, if you had an open mind, you wouldn’t be here looking for how to stop emotional and binge eating.

You would have gone ahead and solved your problem.

Think about it, every great accomplishment in the physical world began in the mind of somebody who dared to open his or her mind to the endless possibilities available to them.

The Wright brother, despite been told otherwise, believe in their heart that they could produce planes.

They stuck to their beliefs, and today, everybody is enjoying the fruits of their labor.

The earliest doctors (physicians), robbed graves to get bodies to study anatomy, to help them heal diseases. They got persecuted and killed for daring to open up their minds, yet today the way the paved is a celebrated road, and career for the current generation.

4. Identify your problem

In the previous step, I told you to open up your mind to the endless possibilities that exist on earth.

If by chance, you had actually been paying attention, you would have known and identified your problem with certainty.

Now if I told you to identify your problem, many people will say, they want to know how to stop emotional and binge eating.

If you chose that, then I am afraid that is why you have this problem in the first place, because you have a brain, yet you do not use it.

You will know that I wasn’t asking you for your problem of emotional and binge eating, but I was asking you for the root cause of your problem of emotional and binge eating.

This is what separates, winners from losers. Winners simplify their problem to the roots and know the root cause.

On the other hand, losers aggregate the problems into larger chunks, until their entire lives become aggravated.

For example, I will give you the root cause of many people who eat emotionally regularly.

  1. Social media
  2. Weight
  3. Improper usage of time
  4. Masturbation
  5. Watching online videos
  6. Poverty
  7. A broken spirit, from negative people
  8. Religious narcissist (Pharisees), who have enjoyed their own lives, but don’t want you to enjoy yours.
  9. and the list goes on and on.

These are just a few of the root cause of your problem, and why you binge eat, all the time.

5. Create a solution for your problem

It is easy to start a forest fire, but it isn’t easy to quench it. In the same vein, it is quite easy for humans to create problems, but it is extremely hard to be able to fix those problems.

Solutions save lives, but in this case, you have to be the one to create the solution to your messed up life of an emotional binge eating.

If by this point you haven’t figure out a solution to your problem, then I will help you a bit, since your main problem is that you have a crushed spirit.

  1. Become a narcissist:
    You can only love other humans after you finish loving yourself. As such, you need to start putting yourself, over others. Stop taking bullshit from people
  2. Little changes matter:
    Many people think success is an overnight thing, but it takes years of simple daily tasks, which finally materializes into something incredible. Start doing simple tasks, like going fishing, instead of watching social media, getting off your lazy ass, instead of wasting away your life. If you cannot achieve these things, then your life will remain, the way it is forever.
  3. Learn balance:
    Balance is everything in this life. We have negative and positive, up and down, etc. In fact, there is a popular quote that says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, then all play and no work make Jack a mere toy”.
    As such, a healthy balance between good and evil must be struck to maintain balance in your emotional eating habits.
    If this wasn’t the case, then Why do you have a left leg and a right leg?

Finally, in most cases, if you are an emotional and binge eater, chances are that you were born that way, and instead need to learn how to lose the weight on your body which is making you overweight.

Instead of thinking that emotional and binge eating is the cause of your problem when clearly it is not.

Maybe your body was built like eating champions Matt Stonie, and Joey Chestnut, who knows, maybe your perspective in life, about your problem is skewed.

In conclusion, you should do things that will please you, not things that will please other people, because then you are living a fake life.