A bald head can be a blessing or a curse. For some, it makes them hotter, for some it, it just looks horrible. For this reason, I have outlined how to look cool with a bald head for both men and women.


As a guy been bald is a one-way ticket to receiving roasts all day long.

Jokes like these come up:

  1. Bald Bill: I want a haircut, please.
    Barber: Certainly. Which one?
  2. Why do bald men have holes in their pockets?
    So they can run their fingers through their hair.
  3. What do you call a group of rabbits hopping backward?
    A receding hairline.

Just prepare yourself, to be roasted alive. Even passerby might look at you and marvel at your hairline. They might even get plain run and want to roast you.

The key through all this catastrophe is patience. But to look cool, you need to make a few lifestyle changes.

  1. Shave off remaining patches of hair:
    Since you are already getting bald. The best way to look more mature and cool is to shave off the remaining patches of hair so that you become bald indeed.
  2. Become fit:
    Being bald and fit is one of the hottest looks to pull off. Your eyebrows become more define and your eye shape becomes more prominent. As such women have no choice that to salivate over your looks. Couple that with the fact that there are not so many clean-shaven bald men, and you become an exotic breed of man.
  3. Dress properly:
    You are addressed the way you are dressed. On no occasion, should you not dress to kill, when you are bald. Suits and corporate shirts give bald men, that sexy sophisticated look.
  4. Consider having a hair tattoo from a professional:
    Personally, I feel like this point shouldn’t be considered. But some men can’t just deal with the fact that they are bald. As such, I have to leave this option out for them.
    Hair tattoo is one of the hardest forms of tattoo to pull off. Screw this up and you will look like the underside of a skunk. The fact that there isn’t many tatoo artistes, who specialize in this, is why you shouldn’t even think of attempting this.
    But if they eventually screw up and mess up your scalp. Get ready for the worst month of your life, as you use lazer treatment to burn of the tatoo off your scalp, further killing hair follicles and making your balder.


  1. Unlike men, who have large heads, women can 99% of the time crush the bald look, so there is no need to give women tips.