This post shows how to do reverse crunches properly

How will your crunches look like, if your head was at your butt hole?

Great ideas (jet engine) always come from stupid thinking, I am sure, that was how the person who invented it thought.

Truth be told crunches work the upper abdominal muscles more than the lower abdominal muscles. Then the person who invented the workout though, hey a good way to work out my abdominals is to do the same crunches, but in reverse. Then tada, the reverse crunch was born.

How to do the reverse crunch

As I said, it would be easier to grasp the concept of the reverse crunch if you imagined that your head is at your butt.

Now if your head is at your butt, then your arms will function as your legs. But since you technically don’t have arms there, your leg arms can’t hold anything as your handheld your head, during a normal crunch. As such, your legs (which now function as your butt head hands), will now hang in the air, as it pretends to be an arm that holds the imaginary head.

Whew, that was as confusing as it was as exhausting. Even I am tired of typing that weird theory. As such, I have decided to list the steps in an easy to digest manner:

  1. Clean the ground, surface or bench where you want to do the crunch.
  2. Lay flat on your back, on the cleaned surface.
  3. Ever so slightly, raise your legs (pretend you are holding your poop as head).
  4. Raise your legs higher to mimic the movement of a normal crunch.

Benefits of Reverse Crunch

Unlike normal crunches, the reverse crunch is an exercise that can be easily mastered within a short period of time.

In fact, it is the only exercise that does what crunches are meant to do (train the back) since many people don’t know how to execute the crunches properly.

As such, I have outlined some benefits of the reverse crunch:

  1. Engages back muscles better, since many people don’t know the proper technique for doing crunches.