Bubble gut (palumboism) develops when a person starts sucking in their stomach when bodybuilding. This causes an imbalance of pressure between the back, side and front abdominal muscles.

Ideally, the universe makes things in pairs. Day and Night, left and right, up and down, male and female, etc. These pairs must coexist together, for there to be balanced in the Universe.

In the human body, the pair to the front abdominal muscles is the back, and the side oblique muscles function as each other pairs. An imbalance is created between these muscles, when the person in question, always sucks in their stomach, when performing heavy weightlifting movements.

As such, in time, the stomach and the intestines are displaced upwards, from their normal positions to adapt to the stress on the body, and eventually, the bubble gut (palumboism) develops

Stages / Cause of Bubble Gut (Palumboism)

I researched extensively before coming up with the answer for the cause of the funny bubble gut (palumboism). These are the stages of a bubble gut (Palumboism).

1. Stress on the body to become stronger, or look fit.

Bubble gut is more common in bodybuilders due to the untold amount of strain, these athletes, put on their bodies to get godlike physic.

2. Sucking in of stomach, when doing exercise or when in stressful situations.

A normal stress response for most people when under stress, is to suck in their bellies. In other words, bracing for impact.

3. Diastasis recti begin to develop.

Due to the fact that the bodybuilder, lifts such heavy amounts of load, the body has no choice but to adapt and make itself stronger.

As such, it starts widening and broadening the physic of the person in question. A commonplace the broadening starts occurring is the point, of the stomach, in which the bodybuilder sucks in (the upper abdominal muscles).

The upper abdominal muscles loosen up, making the person’s chest broad.

4. A gradual decline in lower oblique and back muscles.

As the body adapts to make itself stronger, by broadening itself. Muscles from the back and obliques, shift outwards, leaving them relatively weaker, but more flexible muscles, like the muscles found in all snakes.

This is the main reason, some people have a shorter torso, and others have a long torso

5. More stress

Despite the fact that this new habit and muscle memory has occurred. The bodybuilder doesn’t know when to stop. He instead pumps his body full of more steroids and lifts heavier weights.

6. The stomach shifts upwards

Now, the bodybuilder lower abs have become weak. Like a zipper, his abdominal muscles have opened the more due to sucking in of stomach when doing strenuous exercise.

His stomach begins to push out since there is no compact abdominal muscle to keep it in.

Also, the bodybuilder now barely has any oblique muscles, and his stomach is all over the place. He feels full all the time and just can’t put his head around the new sensation he is feeling in his body.

7. Bubble gut (Palumboism) develops

At this point in time, the bubble gut has developed. Then you have pregnant muscular men, flexing for the camera, with unappealing buttocks.

How to get rid of Bubble gut (Palumboism)?

Reversing bubble gut is quite easy on paper, but quite develop to implement. This is because of the lazer focus approach that has to be put in place.

As I like to say, people with Palumboism, have messed up their body’s muscle memories. Their bad habit now causes them to suck in their stomachs every opportunity they get.

As such, stretching exercises and reprogramming of muscle memory is key to be rid of the bubble gut.

Relatively speaking, people with bubble gut (palumboism), have weaker abdominal and back muscles than their whole body.
Take note of the word relatively weaker.

They might look ripped, but compared to their whole body, they have weaker abdominal and back muscles.

Ideally, to get rid of bubble gut a person has to do the following:

1. Stop sucking in the stomach when doing strenuous exercises.

This is the hardest move a bodybuilder will learn. Since it is akin to relearning the proper way to workout. The body’s chi must be redirected to the back muscles. Exercises must start focusing on developing large obliques to balance the stomach.

2. Change Exercise Routines

The vast majority of bodybuilders hate leg day. And the common, the problem with them, is that most overwork their arms. And forget to work their back and leg muscles. More details should be put on squats and leg raises. Details must be paid. The back must be developed.

In fact, the bodybuilder must make sure that they are not sucking in their stomachs when doing squats. Instead, they need to redirect the strain of the workout to their back muscles, to develop them further.

3. Reduce sizes of weight

Bodybuilders should not focus on how much weight they can lift, but how many repetitions of an exercise can they manage.

The body has two sets of muscle fibers. The high twitch and the low twitch fibers. High twitch fibers are used in lifting heavy weights, in shot repetitions, whereas, low twitch is used for endurance.

The problem is that high twitch fibers swell up rapidly, but tire quickly, and to maintain this, the bodybuilder has to suck in their bellies, to keep on, with will power alone.

This creates a problem, as most bodybuilders have to pump weights to drive blood to their muscles during competitions, to make them bigger.

A good alternative is to instead train the body, with high repetitions, with lighter weights, then reducing the body fat percentage of the body, through aerobics.

This will leave a highly defined and sculpted body.

4. Add Aerobics Exercise

Incorporate sprints or running into exercise or body training routines to develop bigger and stronger, back and oblique muscles. Adding calisthenics exercises into the mix can even develop the muscles further.

Leaving a lean mean fighting machine.

5. Develop and start Leaning on Oblique Muscles

Slim people lean on their oblique muscles (hence why they are not stressed). Fat people and bodybuilders suck in the stomachs all the time, (hence why they are always stressed).

Personally, I feel like this sucking in of the stomach is the main cause of stress-induced deaths in body builders