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The best workouts to get six-pack abs does not entail crunching your way into a hunch back. In fact, the most effective are surprising.

When you ask any novice beginner to try getting six-pack abs, and they would start doing fancy workouts, that doesn’t improve their abdominal aesthetics.

This is counter-intuitive as they, actually cause more harm than good to their bodies.

As such, I have outlined the best workouts to get six-pack abs.


The biggest problem I face with humans today is that as they age, they lose a touch with their common sense, to the point that they become utterly stupid, as logic gives way to hysteria.

For example, Why do you think, the art of toning your body is called bodybuilding?

Well, it is because, fundamentally, your body shares a lot of similarities between itself and a building.


All building engineers know that the foundation is the most important part of a building.

In the same vein, the foundation of the human body is the most important part of it.

But where is it? Many will ask. For that, you need to sit tight and understand my analogy below.

When you die, you would be laid to rest horizontally to the ground, not perpendicular to the ground, when you stand.

This part is important because from there, you will get to understand your body better.

So, as you are horizontal to the ground, with your face, facing the skies, then your backbone (back), become the foundation of your body if we are to assume you are a building.

This is very important, because many people in their quest to get six-pack abs, start doing stupid workouts, that end up injuring their spines since they have such a weak, body foundation (back).

And we all know that without a good foundation (back), a building (body), perishes or collapses (gains weight).


If we are to assume that your back muscles are the foundation of the building, then with utmost certainty, the side of your body (obliques), legs foot and head, fall into the category of the wall of the body.

The next most important thing after a good foundation, is good walls, to hold up the building.

So, therefore, in your quest to acquire six-pack abs, the second most important parts of the building you are trying to build


The least most important part of every building are the roofs.

From our analogy, the roof of the body, are the front abdominal muscles (abs), chest and front neck.

Although they are the least important in the body, they are necessary for every building to keep the rain and wind out.

From this analogy, you can understand that, when trying to get six-pack abs, the most important parts of your body to train are the following:

  1. Back
  2. Sides (Legs and obliques)
  3. Abs

For this reason, it is incredibly stupid to be doing useless abdominal workouts, when the main problem is to workout on strengthening your body’s foundation, which then holds up the roof of your body (abs), in place.


Although this is not important, I just felt like I should include it here. The clothes you were, correlate to the paintings of a house.

Best Workouts to Get Six-pack Ab

I have already given a detailed post about how you can restore your body completely, through a 30 days weight loss program.

You should check it out, as it is a complete package.

Also, I will list the best workouts to get six-pack abs below, but before I do that, here are some bad habits causing you not to have the coveted six-pack abs:

  1. Sucking in your stomach to look fit. this destabilizes your entire core and causes you to be constipated and gain weight.
  2. Not sleeping on time.
  3. Proper form is required when doing these workouts. The belly must not be sucked in and the point of pressure should be the back.

1. Swimming

Swimming is hands down the best workout anybody can every engage in since it targets all muscle groups in the body, including the back and abdominal muscles.

Some of the benefits of swimming are given below:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Weight loss
  3. Kind to the knees

2. Running

In the next Olympics, I want you to pay close attention to the sprinters. You will notice that all of them have some of the most sculpted abdominal muscles.

Just from that observation, it can be deduced that swimming indeed builds the best abdominal muscles.

3. Jogging

Also, if you observe the Olympic long-distance runners, you will notice that they too have one of the best looking abdominal areas.

This isn’t by chance and it comes from the miles of jogging they have been doing in preparation for the Olympics.

4. Bench Leg Raises

Not to be confused with the normal leg raise. The bench leg raise targets the back and abdominal muscles simultaneously like swimming.

This is a welcome, idea when building the body you desire.

5. Weighted Barbell Squats

Among all workouts you can do in the gym, the weighted barbell squat is a cut above the rest, in its ability to tone and sculpt the body.

Regular weighted barbell squats are a good suggestion for people who live in area where there aren’t swimming pools.

6. Dancing

Your body has 650 different muscles, yet many people find it hard to engage at least half of those.

Dancing doesn’t necessarily sculpt your body in a conventional way, but it does something quite remarkable.

When muscles groups stay idle on your body, they begin to deteriorate, dancing helps negate that effect, and keeps those muscles in prime condition.

This is why most dancers have some of the most remarkable and envious physics on the planet.


In summary, there are 6 best workouts to get six-pack abs :

  1. Swimming
  2. Running
  3. Jogging
  4. Bench Leg raises
  5. Weighted Barbell Squats
  6. Dancing