Are you delusional or stupid?

The same reason, you landed on this page, is why you will keep falling for scams.

How on earth do you think you can get six-pack abs within 30 days?

Now just because getting abs in 30 days is hard, doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, in this post, I show you how.

To the free thinkers and optimists, who always believe that everything is possible, I will give you this simple advice, try to understand everything in this post.

I say this for a good reason. I mean how many workouts have you done and seen results? Probably none.

For this reason, I advise the optimists to understand this post before proceeding.

Think about this, every human creation in existence today, started from the mind of an optimist, who believed the impossible can become possible.

The wright brothers believe they could make planes, they put in the work, and today everybody is enjoying planes.

Bill Gates believed everybody will have a personal computer. The pessimist laughed at him and called him names. Today who is laughing?

For this reason, if you don’t believe that you can have 6 pack abs in 30 days, then will utmost certainty, you can never have those abs.

The greatest prison is the prison of the mind.

Now just because you believe, doesn’t mean you will see results. The physical execution of smart planning is needed to come out on top.

In fact, without knowledge, you perish.

The knowledge about money saves you from poverty and the knowledge about abs, saves you from potbelly.

But like all good things in life, the road to getting the perfect six-pack abs is a difficult road riddled with frustrations and difficulties.

Now, there are two ways, this post will proceed:

  1. I give you a generic abdominal workout, which might not work for you.
  2. I explain to you the mechanisms which come into play with your abdominal muscles. You read it, understand it, then follow my guidelines and get the perfect abdominal muscles which will make you proud.

Regardless of your choice, the consequences of your actions will be on your head.

For those who chose option 2, and are ready to grab their potbellies, by the scruff of its neck and crush it, below is the knowledge you need to have to save yourself from potbelly.

Remember, without knowledge, you perish,

Understanding your Abs

The first thing many people do when trying to reveal their abs is to start crunching their ways to back pain.

What most people don’t realize is that abs like an iceberg is just a little speck in the grand scheme of things.

Your midsection holds, your side muscles (obliques), and the back muscles, which are by far more important to develop, than your abdominal muscles.

A good analogy is to consider your abdominal muscles as buttons of a shirt and the shirt as your back and side muscles.

Without the shirt (back and side muscles), the buttons (abs) are useless, and without the buttons, the shirt can still be worn.

This is the situation, many people are in. Their shirts (back and oblique muscles) are underdeveloped, and they feel the best way to solve this problem is to add more buttons to the shirt by doing crunches.

But common sense dictates otherwise. Instead of making the same mistake other make, you must think differently and first patch your weak shirt (back and oblique muscles) which causes you to have to suck a huge stomach, then getting buttons (abs), is just a walk in the pack.

Why you don’t have abs

Many people today dream of living lives which can only be achieved with knowledge.

Yet they refuse to settle down and engrave this true knowledge into their skulls, then they go about blaming everybody around them for their problems.

But they fail to blame the greatest devils in their lives (themselves).

This is the hypocrisy of life, and every hypocrite realizes their mistakes too late when they have wasted their whole lives and on their deathbed.

1. You suck in your stomach to look fit

Many people unknowingly rearrange the biological construct of their front abdominal muscles by sucking it in. This is a bad habit, gotten by people who lived under stressful environments and circumstances.

This bad habit is directly responsible for a lot of things:

  1. Children who started sucking in their stomachs and lived a sedentary lifestyle will be short and never reach their optimal height.
  2. It causes constipation since the internal bowels have been rearranged by the sucking motion of the muscles, which in turn causes indigestion.
  3. When there is indigestion, the body begins to accumulate fats, and in men, this causes pot bellies.

2. You have an underdeveloped back

A good recipe for a good life is to get a healthy dose of nature and nurture. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many people.

Millions of people today are handicapped in life, simply because they didn’t get the right dose of nature and nurture. Some had abusive parents, some had to grow up in toxic environments, where killings are a daily event.

As such, it should come as no surprise when many adults today, have wasted away their potential.

Some people were meant to be above 6 feet tall, unfortunately, they might never reach that height since they never got the right environment to blossom.

One of the more common side effects, of not reaching your optimal height, is having an underdeveloped back, which is important in holding up your internal organs. I can spot people like this from a mile since they exhibit the following qualities.

  1. Hard and protruding stomachs
  2. Diastasis recti

3. Your health is in shits

We are now living in a world where everybody’s health is turning into shit. New diseases and conditions are being discovered on a daily basis.

In fact, 1 in every 5 individuals has one form of infection or another in the world today. These infections cause people not to have the best health in the world.

I have written a full course called perfect health blueprint. You can find out in the course how to cure yourself of all infections.

4. You are Fat

Sometimes in life, the answer is staring at you right in the face. A good reason, why many people don’t have abs is because they are just too fat.

And since they are just so fat, there is no possible way their abdominal muscles can be seen and appreciated by the general public.

As such, the only way they can get to reveal their abs is to go on a weight loss journey. I have already written a comprehensive post, on how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.


  1. Calculate your body mass index (BMI), using the calculator below.
    If your BMI is higher than 30, then you will have to first follow the lose 30 pounds in 30 days guide first.
    This is for your own good and done intentionally so that you don’t acquire nasty injuries, which can halt this program for good.
    Just like you, I was once desperate and didn’t listen to my instructor, I wanted to lose my belly fat rapidly, then I went and tore my anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus. This cost me about $15,000 to fix without insurance in the USA, since I wasn’t a citizen.
  2. Download the 30 Days Abs Challenge calendar. Print it out and paste it somewhere you can always see it.
  3. Create your own home gym. You only need 5 gym equipment which will save your health, which will save your life.
    i. Barbell
    ii. Bench
    iii. Skipping rope
    iv. Bicycle
    v. 200 cl water bottle.


My go-to exercises when trying to get the best six-pack shape are few and listed below.

  1. Bench Leg raises (it must be bench raises, as almost all people don’t have proper form to execute normal leg raises. Also, it targets the back, which is the foundation of your abs).
  2. Barbell squats without sucking in the stomach (like leg raises, the barbell squats target the back muscles of the body, which is the foundation of the obliques and front abdominal muscles)
  3. Running (targets the obliques like no other exercise).
  4. Swimming (optional, and by far arguably the best exercise in this list).

Exercises to avoid

Personally, I believe that no exercise is bad since they are done to target particular sets of muscle groups.

The problem, here is that many people have no knowledge about exercise, in relating to proper form.

As such, due to their improper form, the exercise they do causes negative effects on their bodies, then they start complaining about how impractical the workout is.

For example, many people think crunches are done to target the front abdominal muscles (which is partly true), but many people do not know that crunches are more of a back and oblique exercise.

This is why rich celebrities hire personal trainers, to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Essentially, I list most of the exercises you should avoid if you want to have six-pack abs:

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Toe reaches
  3. Dead bugs
  4. Leg drops
  5. etc.

In fact, I will advise you to scrap out any fancy workout you know and follow the workouts I listed above.

You are not going to the gym so people can be impressed by how you workout. But you are going to the gym to get a midsection that people will be impressed by.

Learn how to delay your gratification, and let your finished body do the talking.


There are six classes of food:

  1. Water (70% of your body mass)
  2. Protein (bodybuilding foods).
  3. Carbohydrates (energy giving foods).
  4. Vitamins (organic health-giving foods)
  5. Minerals (inorganic health-giving foods).
  6. Fats & Oils (energy giving foods)

Consuming these foods in the right quantity is responsible for giving you that sculpted midsection you always dream about.

Below I list the applications of the food you need to incorporate into your life.

  1. Water flush: Your poop stinks if you are being honest with yourself. Now imagine the stench in the source of your poop. No human being can survive there for an hour.
    So basically, you are just a walking latrine, and like all latrines, you need to flush that stinking crevice you call a stomach. This will aid you to lose tons of fats and reveal your abs.
  2. Drinking-Water: Not to be confused with the water flush, you need to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. This won’t help you lose weight but will aid in distributing nutrients throughout your body.
  3. Proteins: As I said before, proteins are bodybuilding foods. Yet many people neglect them in their quest to build a body they are proud of. Isn’t that stupid? Eat lots of them, especially in the morning.
  4. Carbohydrates and Fats & oil: These are responsible for giving energy to the body. When the rate of ingestion of these classes of food is not curtailed, the body has no choice but to save them in the body, which blocks the abdominal muscles. Eat them sparingly.
  5. Vitamins and Minerals: This two help in regulating the body’s natural functions. Eat lots of them.

30 Days Abs Challenge

If you are fit or have experience in sports, then reaching your ideal abs in these 30 days’ Abs challenge will be quite easy.

Remember, I preach a holistic method of acquiring six-pack abs.

Losing 30 pounds in 30 days will help reveal your abdominal muscles.

There is no amount of abdominal workout you will do, and see results if you are fat.

As such, you should check out this post, in which I wrote a comprehensive way of losing 30 pounds in 30 days.

The post explains how you can restore balance in your health overall. You should check it out, by clicking on this link, since the value of this post is just a fraction of the original.

Also, you should scroll to the middle of the post, to see the Lose 30 pounds in 30 days program.

Day 1

Day 1 Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days
29 Days Remaining

The first day of the 30 Days Abs Challenge.


  1. First thing in the morning on waking up, drink 150 ml of water. Water must be room temperature, and you must drink it, within 5 minutes of waking up. Anything above 10 mins and the therapy, loses its potency. Once again, make sure you drink this 150 cl of water, within 5 minutes of waking up.
  2. Go to the toilet and purge. Remember the water therapy, is just flushing your system and kick-starting it for the day.
  3. Drink a cup of the VegCspice smoothie.
  4. Eat 6 egg whites and two egg yolks, with bread and oatmeal for breakfast. Make sure you eat until you are full. There is no counting of calories, just make sure your stomach is full.
  5. Leg raises 3 sets of 20 reps.
  6. Go and take your bath and start the day.


  1. By noon, take your 150 cl bottle and put two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar.
  2. Fill it with water, and drink half of its content within 5 minutes. Remember, you are not drinking this water to hydrate your body, but to flush your digestive system.
  3. Keep the remaining for later, or drink the contents when you get thirsty to hydrate yourself.
  4. For lunch, eat lots and lots of chicken, with rice, wheat or oat. Avoid pasta, please. You can take yogurt as dessert.
  5. In the evening, preferably, by 6 pm. Drink 75 cl of water within 5 minutes to flush your system, one last time.


  1. Eat a dinner rich in proteins (could be meat or beans) and vegetables. Personally, I will opt for a dinner of beans, eggs, and vegetables.
  2. Leg raises 3 sets of 20 reps.
  3. Marinate your meat for tomorrow and put it in the fridge (not freezer).
  4. Take your bath and go to sleep.
  5. Avoid checking phone messages.

As you can see it is more comprehensive than this program which I only write down the exercises.

30 Days Abs Challenge Exercises

As I said, I already wrote a detailed post about how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

The post can completely replace this 30 days abs challenge and give you better results since I outlined your whole day for you.

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: 3 sets of 20 reps barbell squats.

Day 4: 5 sets of 100-meter sprints in the morning. Go swimming in the evening or repeat what you did in the morning.

Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: 10 sets of 20 reps bench leg raises in the morning. 5 sets of 100-meter sprints in the evening.

Day 8: Rest

Day 9: 5 sets of 20 reps barbell squats in the morning.

Day 10: Rest

Day 11: Rest

Day 12: 5 sets of 20 reps barbell squats in the morning. 5 sets of 100-meter sprints.

Day 13: Go swimming or ride a bicycle in the morning.

Day 14: Rest

Day 15: Rest

Day 16: Skip rope 500 times in the morning.

Day 17: Rest

Day 18: 10 sets of 20 bench leg raises in the morning. 10 sets of 100-meter sprints. 10 sets of 30 barbells squat in the evening.

Day 19: Rest

Day 20: Rest

Day 21: Go for a 2-kilometer jog, if your body is too sore, then convert today into another rest day.

Day 22: Rest

Day 23: 10 sets of 20 bench leg raises in the morning. 10 sets of 100-meter sprints. 10 sets of 30 barbells squat in the evening.

Day 24: Rest

Day 25: Rest

Day 26: 10 sets of 30 bench leg raises in the morning. 15 sets of 100-meter sprints. 10 sets of 30 barbells squat in the evening.

Day 27: Rest

Day 28: Rest

Day 29: 5 sets of 20 bench leg raises in the morning. 5 sets of 100-meter sprints. 10 sets of 30 barbells squat in the evening.

Day 30: 10 sets of 20 bench leg raises in the morning. 10 sets of 100-meter sprints. 10 sets of 30 barbells squat in the evening.

Congratulations, you completed the 30 Days Abs Challenge, with flying colors.