In this post, I outline the 15 best ways you can lose weight fast without exercise.

Fast can seem skew when losing weight without exercise. For example, 1 year is relatively fast to lose 70 pounds, if you are not engaging in any physical activity (exercise). So be patient, since you are indeed trying to lose weight without exercise, which can reduce the overall time.

1. Drink herbal teas

Herbal teas are known to cure many ailments in the human body. In fact, many drugs are just extracts of herbs found growing in nature.

Drinking herbal teas, are known to correct, the body’s function, and is a good way to lose weight fast, without exercise.

2. Drink coffee

According to, coffee can boost metabolism in people.

Also, coffee contains stimulants, like caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, and chlorogenic acid, all of which make an individual feel more energized, which enables weight loss without exercise.

Furthermore, the caffeine in coffee affects the nervous system which causes fat cells in the body to break down fats in the body.

3. Use supplements

There are weight loss supplements that cause the body to lose weight without the need for exercise.

These supplements cause weight loss differently, by doing the following:

  1. Reduce food absorption
  2. Increase fat burning
  3. Reduce appetite

Some popular weight loss supplement includes Garcinia cambogia extract supplement, caffeine extract supplement, Hydroxycut supplement, Orlistat supplement, raspberry ketones supplement, etc.

4. Try the Water Flush

The water flush is a technique of flushing your digestive system thrice a day, with large amounts of water.

Water is not ingested for hydration, but rather to flush the inner system of a human.

  1. First thing on waking up, drink 150 cl of water within 5 minutes
  2. By noon drink 75 cl of water within 3 minutes
  3. By night time, drink another 75 cl of water within 3 minutes

Note: Water must be room temperature, or preferably between 25°C – 42°C.

5. March

Let’s be honest here, just because you are losing weight without exercise, doesn’t mean that you won’t walk. As such, marching can be considered in the same category as walking.

Marching has many benefits like improving brain and muscle coordination, improving calf strength, and most importantly, promotes weight loss.

6. Eat more Spices

Spices are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which help in losing weight.

In fact, most supplements are derived from extracts of herbs or spices. You should consider, incorporating spices like onions, ginger, garlic, etc into your meal plan.

7. Stop sucking in stomach to look fit

Many overweight people always suck in their stomachs to look fit. This bad habit is incredibly bad. Since sucking in the stomach, causes them not to breath, which in turn causes them to gain weight since their bodies are not getting the right amount of oxygen for metabolism.

This act causes the body to lose its efficiency in metabolism foods and in due time causes the person to become overweight.

It is advised that people that suck in their stomach to look fit, should instead redirect their chis, and learn how to lean on their obliques.

8. Eat more Proteins

In elementary school, I was taught that proteins are bodybuilding foods. In other words, if you want a nice and good body, you eat more proteins.

Unfortunately, many people completely disregard proteins, then, later on, they wonder why they are overweight and are out of shape.

Try eating more proteins.

9. Cut down the carbs

Carbohydrates (carbs) and fats are energy giving foods. Unfortunately, many people overconsume carbs today.

This overconsumption of carbs, causes the body to convert and store the excess in the form of fats. Which causes the person to gain weight.

To lose weight without exercise, you should consider reducing the rate at which you consume carbohydrates.

10. Stay away from Soda

Sodas are another cause of obesity in the world. Calculate the amount of sugar in a 100 cl bottle of soda and your mouth will gape wide open for the rest of your life.

The fact that they are so addictive doesn’t help the matter. As such, people are advised to limit the way they consume sodas.

Also, another monstrosity created by humans is diet soda which contains aspartame, a known causative agent of cancer.

According to LiveScience, diet drinks are linked to increased risk of getting cancer.

11. Eat more vegetables and Fruits

Like spices and herbs, vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Consuming vegetables and fruits daily is necessary for your journey to lose weight without exercise.

12. Lean on your obliques

All lean people I know of lean on their obliques instead of sucking in their stomachs to look fit.

As such, it is advised to improve proper posture, so that you start leaning on your obliques instead of sucking in your stomach all the time.

The proper posture is to do the following:

  1. Don’t hold your breath…always be breathing. Let your stomach expand. Don’t breath with your chest
  2. Drink lots and lots of water all throughout the day
  3. Don’t suck in your stomach. That rule is difficult for me… I have to catch myself constantly
  4. Don’t tuck your tailbone. Stick your butt out and shoulders back
  5. Chew your food thoroughly. Approx 32 chews per bite
  6. Move around. Our bodies are built for movement
  7. Live in the moment always. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t daydream about the future

13. Sleep

A healthy human being requires about 8 hrs of sleep daily. This is because any lower than that and the person in question might lose out on the many benefits of sleep which include, relieve of stress, muscle repair, and growth, full-body rest, etc.

Any activity, like streaming or watching online videos should be avoided and instead proper sleep should be more favored.

14. Avoid excessively partying

Seriously, I don’t understand what people gain from partying excessively, as the disadvantages of excessive partying far outway the advantages.

Excessive partying can expose a person to drugs, alcohol and even venereal diseases like herpes, which can be found in some people in a party hall.

And that to the hangover a person can experience the next day, and it is sure, a person, cannot function properly.

15. Eat slowly, using a fork, chew slowly

Consuming food slowly can actually help a person reduce their portion sizes.

If you are always on the fast lane and feel like chewing food slowly is not your style, then you can consider using a smaller spoon or a fuck, this way you can still put smaller portions in your mouth, and not feel the need to chew slowly.

Also, asides flushing your system with water, you should make sure you are consuming lots and lots of water to stay hydrated and not feel hungry.

In summary, these are the 15 best ways to lose weight fast without exercise:

  1. Drink herbal teas.
  2. Stop sucking your stomach to look fit.
  3. Lean on your obliques.
  4. Drink coffee.
  5. Use supplements
  6. Try the Water Flush.
  7. March.
  8. Eat more Spices.
  9. Eat more Protein.
  10. Cut down the carbs.
  11. Stay away from soda, especially diet sodas.
  12. Eat more vegetables and Fruits.
  13. Sleep.
  14. Avoid excessively partying
  15. Eat slowly, using a fork, chew slowly.