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As a fitness coach, I decided to write down the 15 benefits of squats exercise out of spite. Since squats are one of the few exercises that can give you a full-body workout.

1. Tones back muscles

When done properly, squats tones the back muscles by building new muscles onto it.

In weighted squats (squats with weighted barbells), the tension created by the weight of the barbells creates even better effects. As such, the back muscles of people who squat regularly are more defined.

2. Tones abdominal muscles

Many muscle groups come together, as they try to stabilize the body when undergoing a squat routine.

One of the muscles of paramount importance is the abdominal muscles, which are engaged to monitor two and fro motion.

3. Helps in toning oblique muscles

Oblique muscles are always neglected by most professionals, and even by fitness experts. Yet it is one of the most important muscles in the human body.

Obliques are responsible for balancing the digestive system and is also responsible for keeping a person fit. In fact, this is more paramount in overweight individuals since most of them are missing abdominal muscles.

Asides swimming, the best exercise to tone and develop the oblique muscles are squats. Asides that, squats, unlike swimming, also have the benefits of developing the back at the same time.

4. Tones leg muscles

Most novice gym-goers make the mistake of overtraining their arms and forgetting about their legs. As such, they develop an ostrich type of look, with an overdeveloped upper body, and flimsy-looking legs.

This look can be easily avoided since, one of the benefits of squats exercise, is that it tones the leg muscles.

5. Increases muscle strength

The fifth benefit of squats exercise is the increased muscle strength it gives to individuals who regularly make use of it.

Like I said earlier, squats are full-body workouts, that target almost all muscle groups in the body. Since it is a full-body workout, its break, and repair rate is higher than other exercises. In time, all the muscle groups in the body, become bigger, stronger and faster, due to the continued break and repair of muscle tissues.

As such, the body of people who regularly squat, have no choice than to become stronger, from the repeated beating.

6. Improves bone strength

The body of a human being is one of the most adaptable organic machines in existence.

Make a man who is altitude sick to repeatedly stay in high places, and in time, his body would adapt and stop becoming sick. In fact, some people take this to another level and have immunity to some diseases and ailments.

In all humans, squatting forces the body to adapt by strengthing the bones in itself, to make the body, better at squatting.

7. Prevents leg injuries

Leg injuries are a nightmare to any athletic profession. In fact, athletes spend billions of dollars yearly repairing leg injuries.

On average leg injuries, can cost about $15,000 to fix and properly repair. Yet there is that risk of the operation not been successful.

Leg injuries also damage the playing careers of some players, since the person might never be able to regain their former self, after surgeries.

All these can be avoided by incorporating squats into the daily regimens of players and athletes.

The benefit is not tied up only to athletes. Sedentary people can also get the benefits of squats by engaging in it regularly.

8. Increases sprint speed

Like all things in life, there is also a science behind sprinting.

Sprint speed can be mostly be determined by the amount of force a person’s leg muscles can generate.

As such, it is imperative that all sprinters engage in squats since it is the best exercise to increase the of leg muscles, which in turn can increase the amount of force generated by the legs.

9. Improves durability

Endurance, durability or toughness of the body can be gained by engaging in squats exercises regularly.

As King Midas turned everything he touched into gold, squats turned all muscle groups engaged tough. But like all things in life, the effects will be understood by people who have actually experience squats in their lives.

10. Increases agility

Agility and speed are similar but different. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo is faster than Lionel Messi, but Lionel Messi is more agile than him. It is due to this reason, that Messi, can dart into places, even Ronaldo can’t.

The muscle responsible for agility is the fast-twitch muscle fibers, whereas the muscles responsible for speed, are the slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Squats help in developing these fast-twitch muscle fibers, which in turn improves the agility of the said person.

11. Improves posture

The eleventh and most important benefits of squats exercise is the mere fact that it improves posture in practitioners.

Squats work on most muscle fibers in the body, which resets them to their proper position and place. This, in turn, resets an individual’s posture to a more relaxed and normal looking posture.

12. Improves Joint health

There is a saying that the best form of defense attacks. Joints are made of organic matter which would surely degrade overtime.

To keep your joints healthy, you have the choice of barely training it, and instead of managing it all your life, or squatting to increase the strength to astronomical levels.

Unfortunately, most people take the first choice, which causes degradation in joint health, and their future health in general.

13. Burns Fat

Squats are extremely demanding exercises, that is why many people shy away from.

An hour of normal squats burns around 600 calories. Do this regularly, and in no time, you would have lost all those stubborn fats around your body.

14. Increases Flexibility

Toned muscles are flexible muscles. Squatting is a full-body exercise with almost all muscle groups in your body, having a hand to play in it.

Your obliques, abs, back, glutes, shoulder and arm muscles are engaged, which causes them to tone down over time. Causing flexibility in the long run. Flexibility is more noticeable in the spine area.

15. Improves Spine-health

Squats help the body develop better muscles at the back, which are responsible, for holding up the spine.

Without these muscle groups, functioning properly, back pains arise.

By incorporating squats into your daily exercise routine, you are making sure that you don’t develop spine-related problems, down the line.

In summary, these are the 15 benefits of squats exercise:

  1. Tones back muscles
  2. Tones abdominal muscles
  3. Helps in toning oblique muscles
  4. Tones leg muscles
  5. Increases muscle strength
  6. Improves bone strength
  7. Prevents leg injuries
  8. Increases sprint speed
  9. Improves endurance
  10. Increases agility
  11. Improves posture
  12. Improves joint health
  13. Burns fats
  14. Increases flexibility
  15. Improves spine-health

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