Lose 150 Pounds: 6-months Weight Loss Plan

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Get 6-Pack Abs

532 Video Lessons | 36 hrs 15 mins 26s

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Health is wealth, invest in yourself. The only easy way, is the hard way.

What will you learn?

Course Overview

532 Videos | Six Months Program

77 Lessons

  • Prepare the body with light exercises and stretches to avoid knee and joint injuries.
  • Detoxify body from toxic radicals.
  • Diet & Exercise plan to improve gut and overall health.

Note: The body is 99% made in the kitchen.

You have to be very careful in the first month.

Getting injured this month, will sabotage, the entire 6 months weight loss program

90 Lessons

  • Increase exercise intensity.
    In fact, this month can be referred to as the Weight loss month.

Note: Since your bones and body has been strengthened, it will take a beating this month.

91 Lessons

  • If you followed the plan in the previous months, then your body will be in an energetic state, by the 3rd month.
  • Everything in this month is intense, brutal but manageable daily workouts.

91 Lessons

  • Everybody wants a sexy body. But to get a sexy body, you need to commit.
  • This month involves bulking and building fat-burning muscles.

91 Lessons

  • To achieve balance in your body, you must cast off, the negative aura of bulking, and take up the positive aura of shredding.

Note: Women can also engage in bulking and shredding, as long as they are not taking steroids, it won’t change their physic to a muscular one.

My aim is to give both men and women, that bruce lee physic type. A lean mean fighting machine (Trust me, it can save your life someday).

92 Lessons

  • Finishing touches to get six-pack abs.

How much Weight Can You Lose in 6 Months

Depending on body type, ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph, results can varies.

But if you follow the plan to the letter, expect to be able to lose 150 pounds in 6 months, following the diet and fitness plans.

The weight loss plan aims to change your lifestyle, one step at a time.

For a trial, so you can get a sense of what the program is about, you can test out the lose 30 pounds in 30 days, free program.

The 6 months weight loss plan covers the following aspects:

  1. Stop sucking in your stomach to look fit. Because sucking in your stomach has devastating and sometimes irreversible consequences on your health.
    The air you breath is oxygen, and oxygen, is necessary for combustion reactions. Common sense dictates, that if you do not inhale adequate amounts of oxygen, then your body will accumulate fat cells, which can harm your sleep.
  2. Limiting bad habits like masturbation, which weakens your willpower.
  3. Eating more proteins
  4. Doing smart workouts, that cause your body to lose weight, not hard workouts that look cool, but can injure your body at the end of the day.
  5. Practicing the water flush detoxification technique.
    The water flush should not be confused with drinking water. Although both involves the intake of water, they are pretty different in the way they affect the body.
  6. Avoiding stressful people and environment
  7. Learning how to become a positive individual, and stop spreading negativity in the world. Some people might actually be narcissist, and are full of shit, but they will invest their time and efforts to ridicule others.
  8. Stop blaming others for your problems
  9. Carrying your cross and stop procrastinating as we are getting older.
  10. Are you a Lion or a Goat?

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