Often times, squatting is forgotten, as people rush to get abs. In this post, I show you how to leverage squats for six-pack abs

Besides, swimming and running, squats are the next best exercise any human can engage in.

Creating Abs

There is a reason why training the body to look better is called bodybuilding.

This is because, just like a house, the body has a foundation, walls, and roofing.

This knowledge is very important, as you are building your body to get abs.

To get a good idea of this analogy, you have to consider the way a person, lies down to sleep.


Like I said above, you need to assume, you are lying down on a bed, with your face, facing the sky or ceiling.

Now, if you are in this position, your back (backbone), becomes the foundation of your body.

Just as the foundation of a house is the most important part of the building, the back is also the most important part of the human body.

That is if you are trying to build your body.

All your appendages (legs, neck, hips) are connected to the back, which is the foundation of your body.

For this reason, to get stunning abdominal muscles, you need to build a very strong and rigid back, then the abdominal muscles will naturally fall in place.

The greatest mistake most people make is to concentrate only on their front abdominal muscles, forgetting the fact, that their backs (the foundation of the bodies), is the most important part of the body to strengthen.


If you are still in this lying down position, then any part of your body, at the sides, is the wall of the building (your body).

As such, these parts of your body can be considered the wall of the body:

  1. Side abdominal muscle (oblique muscle).
  2. Legs
  3. Side of the neck
  4. Side of the head


The roof of your body is basically, any portion of it, that is facing towards the sky or ceiling in your lying down position.

As such, these parts fall into this category:

  1. Front abdominal muscles (known as abs)
  2. Face
  3. Adam’s apple and front of the neck
  4. Knee and front of the legs

Target Muscles

The good thing about squats is that it targets the majority of muscles in all parts of your body, in the foundation, walls, and roof.

Most especially, it targets the muscle of the foundation of your body, the back muscles, arguably more than any exercise.

Best Squats for Abs

Ordinary squats won’t cut it in your quest to get the perfect body.

The weighted barbell squat is the best exercise when trying to get abs from squatting.

Notwithstanding, you need to always have proper form, and target the muscles of the back, during every squat rep or set.

Although, care should be taken when engaging in squats since it one of the most strenuous exercises.

Benefits of Squats

  1. Improves posture
  2. Strengthens the body
  3. Helps tone the front abdominal muscles
  4. Tones the oblique muscles.