Most Olympic runners have developed mid-section due to the constant sprint. In this post, I show you how to use running to get Six-pack Abs.


The two requirements to obtained six-pack abs:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Muscle building.

Asides toning and building the leg muscles, running is notorious for building the groin, oblique and back muscles, with the added bonus of structuring the front abdominal muscles (six-pack abs).

How to Run for a six-pack abs

Careful planning backs every successful idea.

As such, to have a successful program of acquiring six-pack abs, you need to carefully and meticulously, plan out, your routine.

I listed the two stages of preparation below:

  1. Prepare your leg muscles
  2. Get your running uniform

Prepare your leg muscles

This is the most important part of your journey to acquire six-pack abs.

Without careful preparation of your leg muscles for running, you stand the chance of getting injured and jeopardizing this entire program completely.

Also, without preparation of leg muscles, you stand a chance of not developing them to their full potential

Get your running uniform

When going to war, you were the soldier uniform, when you are a doctor, you wear a lab coat.

In other words, a uniform represents what you stand for.

A soldier without a uniform will be mistaken as a civilian, and so is a doctor without his uniform.

The effects of a uniform are mostly psychological, yet very important.

Since you will be engaging in running, instead of jogging, you need to have to get sneakers (trainers), with good grip, so you don’t slip and fall, when doing your running routine.

Also, you are allowed to wear any outfit to go running, granted it is not a long flowing garment, that can reduce performance.

Ideally, a soft flexible cloth, is a good option, to use when running.

Running to get Six-pack Abs

Finally, I will show you how to use running to get six-pack abs.

But before we continue, you must realize that too much running is actually a bad thing.

As such, we have to come up with a plan, that maximizes the effect of

Diet When running to get a six-pack abs

Since you are trying to run to get six-pack abs, so, therefore, you are by default, automatically trying to achieve the following.

  1. Lose weight to reveal your midsection
  2. Build Up tough muscles to improve the aesthetics of your midsection.

Also, you should have known from your elementary education, that we have six classes of food:

  1. Proteins
  2. Minerals
  3. Vitamins
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. ‘Fats & Oil
  6. Water

Each class of food has a specific function in the body of a human.

Carbohydrates and fats & oil are energy giving foods. Without minerals and vitamins, the body can’t function properly.

Proteins universally are recognized as bodybuilding food, and without water, the body can’t survive.

The most important classes of foods are given below, in the order of their importance, during this program:

  1. Water
  2. Protein
  3. Vitamins
  4. Mineral
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Fats & oils

Of course, you need to acquire these classes of foods in their natural state, not when they have been processed, like in the case of processed sugar.

Sleep & Rest during this workout

During this workout, you must have adequate rest and sleep, to allow your body to recuperate.

This is when your body can heal, the damaged muscle fibers which came about, due to the intensive running you are doing.

All things being equal, you are not allowed to exert your body too much, when you feel a sharp pain, stop the workout immediately and seek medical help.

Ideal Sprinting Routine

This routine should be taken as a representative of how your running workout should be like.

Of course, there are many variables that come into place, when selecting the proper workout routine:

  1. Age
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Fitness levels, etc.

As such, this workout routine, should be your guide and not taken at face value.

  • Like all proper workout, you need to start by stretching all your muscles fibers, to prevent muscle pull and snapping.
  • Next, is the warmup session, where you do light exercises to increase your heart rate.
  • Then comes the main routine, and I give you an example below.
    10 sets of 50 meters sprint, with no rest.
    6 sets of 100 meters sprint with rest in between sprint
    Another 10 sets of 50 meters sprint, with no rest.
  • The next and final phase is the cooldown phase. Do the same exercises you did in your warmup phase.

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