Sometimes devils are hiding in plain sight as narcissists. As such, I decided to write about narcissistic abuse and weight gain.

Who are Narcissists?

A narcissist is a person that has an inflated worth of self and has zero remorse for people around them.

These people, think differently, as they know how to charm and lure their unsuspecting victims, and before their victims finally realize them for who they are, it is most often too late.

The narcissist loves portraying this perfect image from the outside, but are in fact, devils in human clothing.

In fact, a simple way to know a narcissist is to watch out for a person, who seems too perfect, since no human being is perfect.

Narcissistic Abuse and Weight gain.

Narcissists are toxic people, who always think about themselves. They see people around them not as humans, but as tools to further their own selfish agenda.

Since they don’t see humans as beings but as tools, they would do anything to retain their relationship with their tools, by all cost. Below are some of their tactics.

Kill Your Inner Person

Narcissists are clever manipulators that instinctively know how to put down their victims, by killing the inner person in them.

Think about it, everything that has been created by man started in the mind (inner person). The Wright brothers thought about planes, before bringing the planes into existence. Einstein thought about the theory of relativity, then years later, he was proven to be correct.

As such, the inner person (mind), is more important than the outer person (body).

The narcissist knows this instinctively, and so tries as much as possible to kill the inner mind. That way, they can keep control over the person, and be lord forever. The kill the inner person by doing the following.

1. Insulting the person

Like I said earlier, narcissist see themselves as better than everybody around them, and feel like they have the right to insult anybody around them.

A relationship with a narcissist is a daily roast feist.

You need to have a strong and determined mind to endure the onslaught. It is even worse when you are overweight. If you are overweight, get ready for at least 3 insults in a single day.

2. Ceasing Freedom of the Person

A narcissist would try to cease a person’s freedom in any way they can. They cease your monetary freedom.

You can’t play with friends.

4. Not Fellowshiping but Dictating

All relationships are fellowships and not dictatorships. The narcissist doesn’t understand this, and instead controls others around them through a dictatorship.

But they forget the individuality of humans and the diversity of life in general. They forget that if everything on earth was just one, then life would be boring. They even know spice off their lives by switching the foods they eat.

Yet, with their myopic vision, they want everything on earth, to be one. This hypocritical act, forces them, to force people to live a life, similar to their, forgetting that humans are diverse.

3. Giving inadequate gifts (presents)

Narcissists know that they can control a person with physical presents like gifts. But they also know that giving such a person lots of gifts can make them independent. In which the narcissist doesn’t want.

As such, instead of teaching and individual to fish, so that they can become independent, the narcissist instead gives them fishes, so that they can depend on him or her for life.

Recovering from the toxic weight gain caused by the narcissist

Keeping malice with a narcissist is the wrong way to go when trying to gain back your life, and lose weight. Therefore below are the steps you need to take to regain your life.

  1. Learn to keep quiet
  2. Do more productive things with your time
  3. Don’t blame the narcissist, rather blame yourself that you are in a relationship with the narcissist. By doing that, you begin to invest all your energy in improving yourself.
  4. Learn to start using the pharisee. Contrary to believe, the narcissist has weaknesses. This is evident in the thing they love doing the most. Some narcissist are religious (Pharisees), learn how to manipulate them by feigning love for their religion. Some love their jobs, learn to show interest in their jobs. This way you can manipulate them, and start using them instead. Albeit from a submissive position.
  5. Become a narcissist. There are reasons, most narcissists are successful in life. There is also a saying that if you can’t beat them join them. As such, you must start living by the motto, each narcissist follows. Fuck them, fuck their feelings, I don’t give a fuck.
    Stop waiting for the right time. If the narcissist starts, loud your voice and start insulting them in return.
  6. Talk to other people or join support groups of people like you in your area, city or online. Humans can be a beacon of hope for you as you navigate, the difficult world of the narcissist. Always remember that nobody gives a damn about you. If you don’t help yourself, nobody will help you (although some angelic persons do help). If you live with this mindset, you will be able to gain help.
  7. Talk to a psychologist. They do help from time to time. But if you refuse to execute their advice, then everything will be a waste of time and effort.

Finally, if you have gained weight from narcissistic abuse, you can start a 30 days weight loss program, and regain your physical health in a month.