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Using moringa for weight loss is popular among the fitness world, but does it really work?

First of all, Moringa, also known as moringa oleifara is a plant common around the world with medicinal properties.

It has been used for ages to treat various forms of ailments. The seeds most especially have medicinal properties, including helping people to lose weight.

Notwithstanding, the bulk of moringa products are manufactured from the seeds, since the seeds are produced by the plant, only once a year.


1. Suppresses Appetite

One major cause of weight gain is the uncontrollable urge to eat food when it is not needed.

This causes the body to gain weight rapidly, as it seeks to store the unused digested food in the form of fats.

Moringa can help regulate this problem since it is known to suppress the appetite of people due to its satiating effect.

2. Increases Metabolism

Metabolism is increased by taking moringa.

Why it increases metabolism is not yet fully understood by people.

3. Filled with Fibres

Moringa is filled with dietary fibers that are good in cleansing the colon from most waste products.

Fibers in moringa also help in giving the feeling of fullness from those who regularly take moringa.

As such, most people who take moringa, find themselves eating less food since they feel alright.


Many people complain that moringa doesn’t help them to lose weight.

But they fail to realize that there are many factors affecting the rate of weight loss from using moringa.

I outline some of the most basic factors below.

1. Lifestyle

You shouldn’t expect to lose weight from moringa if you are not living a healthy lifestyle.

Some people will actually consume so much alcohol and drugs then expect to see the true benefits of moringa. I mean how is that possible?

Some people also stay up late at night, forgetting that with every weight loss plan, adequate sleep is needed to achieve the desired results.

As such, for you to achieve any tangible results from moringa, you must change your lifestyle to a healthier one.

Only then can you see the fruits of your labor of taking moringa.

2. Overall Weight

Given the same fitness (weight loss) plan, an overweight person, will achieve their fitness goals, faster than an obese person.

This is just how the world works, everything takes time.

As such, depending on your current weight, you shouldn’t be expecting magical results, just because you started taking moringa.

You should be honest with yourself, and ascertain a correct weight loss calendar for yourself.

3. Discipline

Some people will take moringa occasionally and expect to see results when clearly they are not consistent.

You are not deceiving anybody, you are only deceiving yourself. For christ’s sakes, you need to follow through with every plan, because only then, can you achieve your aim.

Moringa Detox for Weight Loss

Detox, also known as detoxification, is the gradual riddance of toxins and radicals from the body.

Moringa seed can also be used as a catalyst to speed up the detoxification process in the body.

The seeds are crushed and mixed with room temperature and consumed three times daily.

To spice things up, the powdered seeds can be added to your VegCspice smoothie, which improves the products by many folds.

For the best results, the powdered seeds, should also, be incorporated with the water flush, sometimes known as water therapy.


How does moringa cause weight loss?

Moringa causes weight loss, by suppressing the appetite, increasing metabolism and by giving the stomach a feeling of fullness, due to the amount of fiber content in it.

How can I use moringa leaves for weight loss?

There are many ways you can use moringa leaves to lose weight.

  1. You can use the boil the leaves into a soup and eat it
  2. Or you can dry the leaves in the sun, then ground it into powder and add it to your coffee or tea


  1. Drink lemon water with your breakfast, as it aids in digestion.
  2. Also, drink lots of water, during the day, to stay feeling fresh and hydrated.
  3. Substitute, coffee or other caffeinated drink for moringa tea.
  4. Eat fresh grapefruit or lemons, either whole or as a juice, as they are effective in your cleansing goals.
  5. Incorporate exercise into your routine as you try to lose weight by taking moringa
  6. Finally, do not forget to be consistent when taking moringa. Only then can you see tangible results.

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