Many people who smoke recreationally swear that they can use marijuana for weight loss.

In this post, I outline a different approach to using marijuana for weight loss.

My Story with Marijuana

The first time I tool marijuana was back in college when a silly friend of mine thought he should turn my food (beans) into a pot of marijuana edibles.

Back in college, I loved food too much. I and this friend shared cooking rooster, so on this particular day, he was supposed to cook.

So as I was saying earlier, he invited me to come to eat (unbeknownst to me he had laced the entire food with marijuana).

I was one of this holier than thou sort of person, at one point in time, I even told this friend of mine that I will never take marijuana till I died.

He laughed at that time, little did I know that he had started formulating a plan to finish me.

So back to the story, on this fateful day, this friend of mine, allowed me to eat almost the entire contents of the pot. He then waited 30 mins, before telling me, I had eaten enough pot, to make 4 people high.

At first, I thought he was joking, then the next few days were the worst and most memorable days of my life. Needless to say, I became the most high (pun intended), for about 2 days straight.

Below I list some of the phases I went through

1. Albert Einstein IQ phase

After laughing off this friend of mine, we went to play a popular football game at the time (PES 2013).

This friend of mine was a good opponent, but I always bested him in the game. The next thing I noticed, was the rate I started embarrassing him in the game.

All of a sudden, I knew what to do, at the right time, at the right place, at the right moment.

I could score a goal with only 2 moves, and to this day, I don’t understand how I did it.

My friend was been flogged a minimum of an eight-goal difference. 10-1, 8-0, 9-0, and so forth.

In fact, the game wasn’t even close, others came to bail him out, but they were also victim to my newfound superpowers.

2. Focus, Clarity, and Sweating

The second stark thing I noticed after taking so much marijuana was the focus, clarity, I experienced after the boost in thinking.

It was as if I was Omniscient. I was in the present, past and future in my own mind, perhaps this was because of the sheer amount of pot I took.

Later on, I learned that I took the indica strain. Which gives you a happy high.

Next thing I noticed was the sweating, I was sweating from my head, shorts, and privates.

Anywhere, there were sweat pores on my body, sweat was pouring out profusely.

It was at this point, I thought I should stop playing the game. So off I went to take my bath.

3. Baptism of Happiness

After taking my bath, it was as if, I was baptized into happiness. For no good reason, I found the silliest jokes funny.

I was trying to control myself, but it was impossible, I laughed so hard, my friends started making fun of me.

Essentially, I became a laughing stock (no pun intended), this laughter continued for well over an hour.

I did many stupid things, many of which, I will never reveal here. Then came the fourth stage of my pilgrimage through the realms of the most high.

4. Hunger (I could eat an Elephant)

I don’t eat much, even for male standards. But three hours into my high phase, I became so hungry, I started eating everything in sight.

The more I ate the hungrier I became.

Just to give you an estimate of what I ate, I was sure, I ate 3 entire boxes of cereals before I finally acclimatized and was ready for the next stage.

5. Brain Skipping and Sleep

The next stage after eating was when my head started skipping.

I was forgetting things so much, it seemed as if I was teleporting to places, after the initial skipping, then I felt an uncontrollable urge to climb my bed.

I climbed the slept the longest sleep, I have had in a while. My friends told me I slept for 15 hours straight.

Needless to say, the next day was Sunday, and so the story continued.

6. Headaches and Residual High

The bulk majority of the highness had cleared. Mind you I consumed enough marijuana to make 6 people high.

The fact that I didn’t collapse or die from the ordeal is a testimony, but for a fact, I still had marijuana lingering in my blood.

I had mild headaches throughout the day until I was clear of highness in the evening of that day.

My Takeaway from My Ordeal

There is a saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Before I was against marijuana so much, I could kill you for mentioning it close to me.

After been high, I have a few takeaways from the ordeal.

  1. Marijuana in itself is a medicinal plant. But just like money, the unbridled love of marijuana is bad.
  2. It helped relieve stress from my body in ways I couldn’t understand. One week into the ordeal, and I was still feeling refreshed from the marijuana I ingested, 7 days ago.
  3. 2 days after the pot, I lost 3 kg. I know this was caused by marijuana.

Taking Marijuana for Weight Loss

It doesn’t take a fool to realize that most people that smoke pot regularly are less obese than their virgin counterparts.

As such, marijuana for weight loss should be considered by health care professionals if they have the interest of the general public at heart.

According to, some of the benefits of marijuana include:

  1. Stress relief
  2. Relieves depression
  3. Treats Glaucoma
  4. Deals with pains
  5. It helps alcoholism, etc.

How to take Marijuana to Lose weight

Below I outline some steps and precautions, for those trying to use Marijuana for weight loss

  1. Marijuana should be brewed and taken as a tea, not smoked as smoking it destroys the lungs. This is the best way, I feel it should be taken to lose weight.
  2. It should be taken, at home, after completing all activities, and not in public places.
  3. The quantity of marijuana should be moderated. Too much of everything is bad, even water can kill if not moderated (water intoxication), so, therefore, adults should curtain, their childish urges, when using this substance.

In conclusion, marijuana was put here by nature (God), if it was bad, evolution would have phased it out of existence.

As such, we need to find a balance to coexist with marijuana. After all, it is a herb and made of the dust, just like us humans.