Losing weight is good to improve health. Below are things to consider.

Exercise Plan

An exercise plan is a set of routine, you get and adhere to.

When starting you weight loss journey. Make sure, your exercise plan is made up of light exercises at the beginning.

Eventually, you can move on to more strenuous exercises.

Meal plan (non-vegan)

A meal plan is similar to an exercise plan, but its for your meal.

You must be conscious of what you put into your body, because your body is made in the kitchen.

The act of meal planning is called meal prepping.

Count down calendar.

Every year, people make new year resolutions that they don’t keep.

A count down calendar is good to keep you motivated during your fitness journey.

Male and Female

Know yourself. Males are anatomically different from women.

For example, women have monthly cycle, whereas men, don’t.

Also, males are generally stronger than women. As such, when starting fitness, you need to cater to your gender.