Generally, an intense ab workout for six-pack abs is not something I advise people to do, and I do this with good reason.

To most of my clients looking to get abs, I always tell them this.

Consider that your body is a building. Now lie flat on your back, with your face up towards the sky.

If we are to assume, that your back is the foundation of your body, then your side abdominal muscles will be the walls of the house and your front abdominal muscles (abs), will be the roof of the house.

Now, don’t laugh at this ideology, there is a reason, why building up your body is called bodybuilding, and without a strong foundation, a building can not stand the test of time.

In the same vein, without a strong and powerful back, you will find it hard to get those coveted six-pack abs, no matter the amount of intense ab workout, you incorporate into your workout routine.

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I love been transparent about anything I do, as it gives a good experience to my clients.

For this reason, I give reasonable time frames, on how they can get six-pack abs, and in my 6 months program (which contains 552 videos), I take them every step of the way.

Intense Ab workout routine

When an artist starts painting a picture, nobody except the artist can comprehend the final product.

In the same vein, my approach to ab workout, might not be understood by you, but the results will be well worth it.

In fact, I condensed everything about wholistic bodybuilding in this Lose 30 days in 30 days.

The post is condensed with everything you need to make your body great again and doesn’t deal with one aspect of the body, as your body is a unit.

But for the experts that just want to target their core muscles and make the next few days of their life unbearable, below is an intense ab workout to get a six-pack.


  1. Abs workouts are to build a solid back (foundation) so that your body (building) can stand the test of time.
  2. Remember to hydrate yourself properly before this intense ab workout.
  3. At least, 30 mins must have passed since eating any food, before you engage in this workout.
  4. No sucking in of your stomach to look fit, during the entire ordeal of this workout.
  5. If you are not fit, don’t even attempt this workout. Life is too short to keep deceiving yourself. Life is a race, but slow and steady always wins the race.
    For this reason, I advise people who are not fit, to rather engage in the much safer 30 days routine, before engaging in a strenuous workout like this.


During this workout, you will be doing smart workouts, which gives you the best results, not hard workouts, that look cool, but mess up your spine or adds no tangible results to your body.

You are only allowed to do the listed workouts:

  1. Stretching and warmups
  2. Barbell squats
  3. Bench leg raises
  4. Skipping rope (jumping rope)
  5. Sprinting
  6. Jogging

Intense Ab workout

  1. First of all, for the next 10 mins stretch your body, to loosen stiff muscle fibers in your body.
  2. Next, for the next 10 mins, alternating between jumping jacks and touching your toes. Do these exercises in 20 secs interval.
  3. Jog around for the next 5 mins.
  4. After doing that, your body should have warmed up to start the intense abdominal workout that will leave you sore for the next few days.
  5. 5 sets of 30 reps barbell squats
  6. 10 sets of 40 reps bench leg raise
  7. 10 sets of 50 meters sprint. You must touch the ground at the end of each point, during the sprint.
  8. Cooldown by skipping a rope for the next 5 mins.

If you finished this workout, then my sincerest apologies to you, because the next few days, will be hell.

Except you are a very fit person, don’t repeat this workout for the next three days.

You need to allow your body to repair the damaged muscles in it.