Going to a gym every day can prove to be a herculean task, even for the most dedicated people. As such, I outline how to workout at home in this post.

Make your own home gym

Making your own home gym is the best investment you can ever have on yourself.

Unlike gyms that charge you hundreds of recuring dollars, just to use their equipment for a month, making your home gym helps you in a lot of ways:

  1. Having a gym close by, which develops your work ethics, and leaves you with no room for excuses
  2. Save you money from monthly recurring gym membership fees
  3. Keeps your weight loss program a secret, from people who make fun of people.
  4. Relaxing and soothing
  5. Enables you to learn and master workout movements.

Equipment you need in your home gym

Forget fancy equipment that yields no results, I only recommend these three tools for your own home gym.

  1. Barbell
  2. Weight lifting bench
  3. Skipping rope

Trust me when I tell you these three gym equipment is all you need to lose all the weight in the world.

Working out in your home gym

I always strive to work smart not hard. There is no point in doing fancy workouts, that don’t yield results at the end of the day.

As much as possible, I strive to work like an ant and eat like an elephant, not work like an elephant and eat like an ant.

Smart work is all there is to get the maximum value for every dollar you spend. This is also known as frugality.

After being in the fitness world for almost 5 years, I can tell you with utmost certainty, that only 5 workouts are indeed smart.

  1. Weighted Barbell Squats
  2. Bench leg raises
  3. Skipping rope
  4. Jogging
  5. Running

These five workouts are by far the best workouts you should engage in when working out at home.

Home Diet

We have six classes of foods, each with its respective mechanism of action:

  1. Proteins (bodybuilding foods)
  2. Vitamins (organic building blocks of cells)
  3. Minerals (inorganic building blocks of cells)
  4. Fats & oils (energy giving foods)
  5. Carbohydrates (energy giving foods)
  6. Water (life-giving food)

Like colors on a painting, these 6 classes of food must coexist in harmony, to bring balance to the body.

So, therefore, when you begin to work out, you are essentially trying to build muscles and lose fats.

As such, you need to consume proteins, which are bodybuilding foods, to build your muscles and less of carbohydrates or fats, which are energy giving foods.

Good protein sources of carbohydrates include; fish, meat, beans, lentils, etc.

Good sources of carbohydrates

At home workouts for Beginners Steps

For beginners, in your quest to learn how to workout at home, below are steps you need to take to start working out.

  • Step 1
    Get the following equipment
    Weight lifting bench
    Skipping rope
  • Step 2
    Do the following workouts.
    Weighted Barbell Squats
    Bench leg raises
    Skipping rope

Now, the steps above seem a little vague and many people will not make sense off of what is there.

But don’t worry, I have written a comprehensive, lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

In the post, I outline everything you need to do, to have the best body. Check it out and possess the body you were meant to always have.

That is it for how to workout at home, don’t forget to learn how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.

Happy working out. cheers.