So let’s get this straight, you are planning on making a lot of cash, like a million dollars and you plan on doing that by doing nothing right?

Well here is a harsh truth, the same reason you clicked on the link to this blog post is why you will keep falling for scams.

I mean, who on earth apart from heirs or lotto winners, get rich without doing anything?

If you think that you can get rich without doing anything, then accept my humble congratulations.

Also, buy a big bed, some wine, then start sleeping as you do nothing, then money would rain down from heaven, and you know what my friend?

You will surely die a pauper.

Now the fact that you must work, doesn’t mean you should work stupidly. You must also realize that there are works, and there are WORKS.

In other words, there are works you put minimal effort and reap tremendous benefits, and there are works you put in all your energy and time, yet reap nothing.

This simple reason, why some people are rich and others are very poor.

Asides the stated fact, you must realize that all forms of work, requires a substantial amount of energy (work) to be put in.

In fact, even lottery winners had to put in the work of buying lottery tickets.

Having known this, you must realize that wealth starts from the mind.

For example, one man’s vision developed and built Dubai into the city of opulence it is today.

As such, it is unfathomable to even think of making money when you have a crappy mind state of negativity:

  1. Doubt
  2. Gossip
  3. Procrastination
  4. Unbelieve

I mean, think about it, 100 years ago, people thought flight was an impossible feat. Yet, today we have various forms of flying machines.

Also, just 30 years ago, a mobile phone with such processing capacity, was unfathomable, yet we have it today.

As such, to make money, talk more of 1 million dollars, you must be willing to break your mind limiter and start believing that all impossible things are possible.

Only with this mindset, can you be able to make a million dollars successfully.

Note: This is a weight loss blog, but I felt like I should talk about money because, without money, it is hard to lose weight.

21st Century Slavery 

Everybody is a slave to something. Some love and are slaves of women, some love alcohol, some love delusions, and procrastination. Yet others, love enslaving others in complex systems, that is so calculated, making a million dollars is impossible.

For example.

The simple fact that you are reading this blog post indirectly makes you my slave and here are facts to prove that.

But before proving it, let’s define a slave.

A slave is a legal property of another, who is forced to obey them, with or without their consent.

Now let’s go back to why I said you are indirectly my slave.

I can manipulate you psychologically, to view my bestselling ebook.

Also, I can manipulate you to give me your email by offering you a free eBook. (Email marketing)

Furthermore, I can manipulate your mind by painting the perfect picture for you which might not even be possible. (Mind enslavement)

In simple words, you are my indirect slave, and the sad part is that you never realize this.

We live in a world where we are always passing milestones, but never being satisfied, always earning, but never financially secured, always yielding to pleasures but never having enough.

In essence, we are puppets in the grand scheme of the 21st-century puppet-masters.

As such, we cannot achieve financial freedom from economic enslavement.

For example, I grew up being deceived by closed relatives and friends that the world would get better by studying and working hard only to grow up and find out that, had that saying is true, teachers would ride in Ferraris and janitors would fly first-class.

Only after meditating and asking myself why my life was in such a mess did I realize that I was the devil of my own life.

As such, I stopped blaming people for my misfortunes.

I started putting all the plans for the nonsense that happened in my life, then indeed my life changed for the better.

Today I am no Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg but I have learned one simple truth that most people take years and sometimes even lifetimes to know.

I am the author and finisher of my life.

And guess what?

Like the kungfu panda, I achieve inner peace and enlightenment at a very young age, at least enlightened to know that I am my own boss.

Your life is in shambles not because of your parents, nor siblings, nor friends or family, it is in shambles because you, my friend are indeed an idiot.

You shouldn’t tolerate mediocrity because the mediocre source is close to you. you should rid, yourself of mediocre people and relations because your time on earth is limited (120 years at most).

Also, you are an office slave right now, not because your parents didn’t give you the best in life to facilitate your success, but simply because you decided unconsciously in your mind that you cannot change the course of your life.

Just because everybody is going left doesn’t mean you also should go left, that is how slaves and frightened animals behave.

You should be the author of your life daring to make a difference against all odds, and not playing it safe when applicable.

You should become a person that is ready for the worst at all times and not be entrapped in the safety techniques of the 21st century.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying you should abandon your job, just because you were inspired by this blog post because then you will surely starve to death.

I am saying that you should always look for better means in upgrading your life (swapping out your job for a better one) and losing the general entrapment so rampant of depending on other people, depending on people for food, shelter, clothing and even money (salary, wage, allowance).

There is a saying that if you don’t know the value of what you have, someone who appreciates the value, better than you will help you use it.

But I am going to rephrase this saying.

If you, a free person, don’t know the value of your freedom by being self-productive, then a slave master (corporate world) that doesn’t like seeing you free will enslave you to be productive for him.

Your brain is your property, if you don’t appreciate its value and use it to start your business, then someone that appreciates your brain power would use it to build his or her own business, then in exchange give you pennies while you rightly deserve a lion share.

You have a beautiful voice, skill, etc. Then you are tied down by a great slaver (a contract), which you had no power over.

I am not also saying you should abandon the protocols of life.

You must realize that life is a balancing act and at the right time, you are meant to jump off of the seesaw so as not to risk plummeting to the ground.

If after reading this blog post, you still don’t believe that you are the author of your life, then I have one word for you.


The three golden rules of getting rich. 

It is finally here, these are the three golden rule of wealth, they are so easy, yet few people master them or keep them to heart, and even those that keep them to heart soon learn to forget them. I am guessing you are different, follow these rules properly, and you might make money your slave.

Now before you read this rules you must understand that these rules mostly apply to entrepreneurs, those willing to break out of the clutches of the 21st century slavers.

1. Identify a problem 

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself why survey companies ask questions? The answer is simple, they are trying to identifying the problems you face.

2. Create solution to that problem that is far better than any competition. 

They then sell the problems to companies who pay top dollars for such data. Who use the data to create solutions for the problems faced by you?

3. Exchange the solution to the problem, for cash. 

After the solution has being created, like an update for a defective software, it is re-branded, and exchanged for cash.

Let me use top companies for example.


1. Identify a problem.

The Google brothers foresaw the need for a different type of search engine in the ever expanding web, and the pioneer of search would virtually control people.

2. Create solution for the problem that is far better than any competition

The brothers created google, coined from the word goggle, meaning a large number, in other words their search engine could search through so much information. Also, you must agree that google is very rememberable and beats the competition.

3. Exchange the solution for cash.

They put their search engine for free, and as humans love freebies, they rushed the search engine like dogs rushing bones, in exchange the brothers get data upon data of people lifestyle which they can monetize.


Happy foolish customer, wise rich problem solvers. Stinkingly rich.


1. Identify a problem.

Mark Zuckerberg foresaw the basic need of mere humans. The basic need to interconnect.

2. Create solution to that problem.

He created Face-book, a leading solution for interconnecting.

3. Exchange the solution for cash.

He exchanges his solution to your problem for premium data, which he can easily monetize.


Happy foolish customers. Stinkingly rich, problem solver.

Now this three rules have always being and will always be why people get rich, rich people are problem solvers, I am not going to be talking about Elon Musk or other rich men, but we can all agree they are all problem solvers and most importantly they are their own boss.

Now I have checked, researched and goggled online for ways to becoming rich and in all scenarios, becoming rich 99.9999% always equates to owning your business.

There is always something out there that is yet to be discovered or unveil and who knows if you decide to become your own boss, you might be the person that discovers this, or better still you can start a business that finds a product, improves upon it and repackage it and exchange it for cash.

Every human being has a problem, no matter how rich, how poor, how ugly, how tall, how short, and how pretty, everybody as long as such human being is a human being, that creature has a problem, you must realize that, a problem laden human, is your market. So what are you waiting for? Start solving people’s problem.

Now imagine this, there are 7 billion people on planet earth, imagine solving everybody’s problem and in exchange, everybody gave you in return $1 extra on what you spent in solving their problem, are you not a billionaire already? Now getting a dollar from every human being on earth is out of the question that is why you have to start small and scale up as you grow.

Now I will borrow from a very popular book, and if you don’t know the book, then it your assignment to find out

One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them.’

Now to aspiring rich men or people, who want to make a million dollars.

One ploy to help them all, and in their gratitude collect my cash.  

That should be your motto, from here on out, if you plan on making a million dollars.

Lessons you should actually be learning from Trump. 

They know themselves, we know them, history definitely knows them and worst of all you know them. And worst of all, they don’t know you

Yes, successful people, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Donald Trump, yes, being successful doesn’t mean you must be good, it is taking a stand on what you believe is right.

In fact, to succeed in life, you need to become a sociopath.

In this blogpost I am not talking about, the bad character in the said hated people.

I am talking about some of the bad characters in them you should emulate. Even the boy that cried wolf, said the truth at one point in his life, so this is just a sneak pick at some of their characters you must possess if you ever plan on making a million dollars.

I used to abhor and hate dictators or people that have that trait in them, In fact, for no reason, I hated Donald Trump although I wasn’t in the US or from the USA, so I shouldn’t be in any way affected by him. For no reason, I just didn’t like him and the above-mentioned people. But then of recent an incident occurred that totally changed, my way of thinking.

I was really passing through a tough time, families and friends weren’t that supportive about the situation, from time to time, comments that would make a man run mad were thrown randomly at me.

In fact, I didn’t know where my life was heading. In time I began to dread those comments and anger started creeping up my mind in such scenarios. I was beginning to hate my life and all the people around me.

It reached a point in life that even going out had become a problem. Well on this beautiful cool day, I decided to head out and stroll around than listen to my suicidal thoughts. I hadn’t even gone far when the worst thing happened, a close high school buddy saw me and worst of all he casually commented on how unpresentable I looked.

Heavens could bear me witness that I almost killed a person that day, but an old man that had being sitting around seemed to read the situation and just about when I decided to scold my friend he just shouted some jargons into the air.

Both I and my friends attentions were diverted to the old man and my ignorant friend once again commented on how foolish the old man was for breaking up the moment, oblivious to the fact that he had almost lost his life.

Well, the mans unexpected shout had manage to diffuse the anger, and I walked my friend briskly, and quickly saw him off, the appetite of taking in fresh air had become very stale, in the process of controlling myself from not breaking the idiots head.

As I was walking back home, the old man motioned to me to come closer as I passed by his house. I briskly walked to him, as he took a long look at me then broke the silence.

‘You are quite strong you know right?’ he said.

‘What do you mean by that?’ I asked.

‘You know it isn’t easy to control anger in some situations, but you did a good job’ (damn old men for being so discerning).

He then continue, ‘the young man has never being in your shoes, so has no idea what you have being through. In simple sense he might never understand your perspective in life that is why he throws comments anyhow.’

I tried denying what the man was saying and left him.

A few days later my little sister who was a prodigy of some sorts came back home with a second position for the first time in her life. As the big brother I wasn’t impressed and I quickly scolded her without second thoughts, I didn’t care to ask her why she would come in second. Her feelings were hurt and she, ran out, it was later on my mother called me in and asked me why I should talk to my little sister in such manner, she then went on to tell me that my sister in-fact did a very good job as she had missed half of the semester due to illness and still came in second. Well I later called my sister and apologized to her giving her some team talk, then from that day decided to be looking at life from a different perspective, not tied down to one, and most importantly, not judging a book by its cover or in this case judging people superficially when I haven’t gotten the opportunity to experience their lives, or wear their shoes.

Fast forward to the present day, I decided that I wouldn’t judge people without trying to understand life from their perspective. One of them is Trump and his cabinets of misfits the dictators. I tried trying to understand them and for a while I realize that there are some of their characters that if people emulated their lives would be far better.

Below are some of Trump’s character that I believe if people should emulate, a million dollars isn’t far off.

He doesn’t give a fuck. 

As we all know Trump will always be Trump and will remain Trump come rain come sunshine, even when the whole world is against him. It takes massive balls to face your haters head on and planet size balls to even face the combined hatred of the whole world and still not given a fuck. I hate this man, but I have to give him credit for this. How many of you can even stand up to your peers, insult, and humiliation and like Trump wouldn’t give a fuck? If you can learn this lesson from this man, I think your life would definitely improve.


You must admit the fact that Trump right now is the freest man on earth.

1. He is financially free. He doesn’t have to work a flimsy job like an elephant and eat like an ant like you.

2. He has a free mind. Like I said, Trump doesn’t have a conscience and does whatever he wants to do, laughing at the repercussions that his action might bring. For God’s sake who will promise to build a large wall to block off Mexico if not a child that has a free mind and Trump.

3. He has discerning eyes.

Look at his gorgeous wife, the narcissist has a taste for the ladies, if I had Trump’s wife as my babe, sex might be my heart desire on earth.

4. He is powerful.

Nothing truly shows the extent of your freedom except a great level of power and dominion to match. For Christ sake he is the US president, how powerful can you get?

He understands the principles of being successful. 

I don’t need to explain to you Trump’s success, but you should ask yourself whether you are richer than this man.

Finally I am not praising trump in any way, the man behaves in a way that doesn’t suit the general populace, which right now is fine by me because he is different.  

Essentially, what I am saying that in every bad there is an atom of good worth emulating. I am telling my readers to grow up and start looking at life from a higher perspective.  

Read 48 laws of power and be enlighten.

At this point in my life, I don’t have time for criticizing other people’s lives, I am striving to reach a point in life when I will be remembered. Stop being a pawn in life who complains about what life throw at you, including the fact that it threw Trump at you in life. If you don’t like something, just work towards being free from the arms of the thing enslaving you.

If you were strikingly rich, whether Trump was dead or alive wouldn’t burst your bubble, because you don’t give a fuck about him.

Right now in life, I have reached a point in life that I detest blaming others for my misfortunes.

If your life sucks due to Trump, blame yourself for allowing yourself being under his reins. History has shown that no matter how good a person was, there was just a person that totally hated the person.

Stop allowing people control your life, you are the author of your life, don’t blame others for writing their stories faster than you, rather strife to be the fastest and best author.

Finally in conclusion I have one thing to say Mr Trump f— –u, have a conscience man, and listen to your people for once. I just hope I wouldn’t be arrested for this, but let me just put it out there although I kind of hate to admit it, Mr T I am your fan.

Now that you have known that to become amass wealth, you need a free mind, let’s move on to the three golden rule of wealth.

Broaden your scope of reasoning.

If I say, download this eBook and get rich, it doesn’t mean download this eBook it will make you rich, that is the problem with people, not reading the ulterior motives behind, things.

In the first sentence, I said download the eBook but never made mention of you getting rich from reading the eBook, you’re getting rich has nothing to do with the book, but has everything to do with you. It is called a marketing ploy and the best reference I can explain it with is a mirage, it seems like water, but on closer inspection, it is dry ground.

The difference between poor people and rich people, business tycoons and Business midgets, masters and servants or slaves is their way of thinking.

To become rich, you must start seeing life from an entirely different perspective.

Not seeing problems but opportunities.

Not seeing failures but areas to improve upon.

Not seeing the present fucked up life, but the future perfect life, and always reading the ulterior motives, knowing when to follow a cause, because, it might be real water, not a mirage. In other words, knowing the right productive ventures to chase not every opportunity that comes knocking at your door, it might be a mirage and you might waste, valuable time, energy, resources and money, in going to that mirage, thinking it is real water, only to discover that you have been fooled, so you must be wise.

That is how rich people think.

Now the poor man on the other hand, always dreams, complains when the goings are tough, always blames everybody and everyone around them for their misfortunes, but guess what, that is the same reason they never escape from the clutches of poverty, Why? Because they fail to blame the real monster in their lives, themselves. You are entirely and when I mean entirely responsible for what happens to your life, I mean you are the only author of your life. If you don’t realize this and start taking control of your life but allow other people to write in your book of life, then you are doomed to repeat the circle of poverty and its children.

Why do I say this? This has nothing to about how you can get rich.

There you are wrong again, being rich or poor starts from the mind and a poor minded person would find a way to run down even a billion dollars simply because they lack the thinking capacity to improve on wealth. Their minds are not dynamic but always static, there is not a bit of innovation in them only demolition of natural and all resources of life.

Now, I will repeat this again, if you really want to become rich, there is only one remedy and secret formula which has been passed down millennial to wise people. They are.

1. Identify an ongoing problem.

2. Create the best solution for that problem that would rival any competition.

3. Exchange that solution to consumers for cash.

Simple as ABC, no hard remedy, no two ways, no secret formula, just these three simple steps.

In addition 

This chapter is basically canon, but in reality, no knowledge is a waste, so enjoy. They are things you must adopt.

1. Acceptance.

You must accept the fact that your present fucked up life is what it is and not to be ashamed of it. If people mock you, simply reply by the fuck you fuck your feeling attitude. They are not the author of your life (story) period, so their opinions don’t matter.

2. Blame yourself not others for every misfortune that happens to you.

Blame yourself for being not smart, blame yourself for not hearkening to the good advice of others, and blame yourself for the present predicament in life.

3. Look ahead (future).

Your eyes are strategically placed in front of your head for a reason. I don’t know who did it, but I know why he did it, it is so you wouldn’t be distracted by the past (everything behind you) and your present (everything at your side). So don’t get tied down by the past, it is history and will remain so, just look ahead to when you will be perfected.

4. Just do it.

Know this, it is good to dream and fantasize, but they will always remain dreams and fantasies if you never put in an effort to bring them into reality.

5. Never give up.

Do you know that 90% of all races Usain bolt participated in, he wasn’t the first to start? But he certainly was the first to complete the race. Only God knows what would have happened if he had given up on starting almost every race late. I know for sure he wouldn’t be holding the accolade of the world’s fastest man.

6. If it isn’t working out, find something else, or attack it from a different angle or move ahead by doing something related or different. But only after you have tried hard, now moving on doesn’t mean abandoning a project, it means sensibly regrouping your thoughts and focus.

7. Take alone breaks.

No one teaches you better than you can teach yourself. When your life is not going the way, you planned it to go, it might just be because your mind is saturated with worries, take an alone break and think of what you are not doing right.

Finally and definitely in conclusion, the worth of a book is not in the length of its contents, and in some cases the base content, but in the way you interpret the content.

95% of people will say this book is too short they are the complainers and are doomed to be poor in their lives, I don’t blame them though. For a fact, rich men don’t like cumbersome reads, but short, detailed and quality reads.

97% of people who read this book, will only spread the word of how great the content was, but will never put the contents into practice. They are the lazy and I definitely don’t blame them.

2.5% who read this book will put the word to heart, try putting them into practice and lose heart with little challenges. I don’t blame them, they are the easily discouraged.

0.5% will read this book, make up their minds and follow through the plans. My heart fully goes out to these people, they will most definitely make it in life.

Which of these are you?

Remember the worst kind of slavery, is the slavery of the mind, always dreaming, but never bringing your dreams into reality.