Many at times people want to lose weight, but can’t. They then decide to blame people around them, instead of trying to acquire concrete knowledge, to grasp, why they can’t lose weight.

As such, I have outlined 5 Reasons why you cannot Lose weight.

1. You suck in your stomach to look fit

If you check out most of my posts on this website, you will see this reason, always pop out.

Asides, making you not to lose weight, sucking in your stomach to look fit has, destabilizing effects on the position of your stomach, and the way you breathe.

Granted, sucking in the stomach is an instinctive act, by individuals that go through stress. But in time, this action eventually, causes many health complications, some of which are listed below:

  1. Poor bowel movement
  2. Lack of breathing (shortness of breath).
  3. Obesity due to lack of air to burn off excess body fats, etc.

Sucking in the stomach is the main difference between people who can eat all the food in the world and not get fat, and people who get fat, by just breathing air.

2. You don’t lean on your obliques

Whereas, overweight people engage their abdominal muscles, by sucking in their bellies to look fit. Leaner people always lean on their abs (no pun intended).

If you observe, most people who are overweight, they barely have developed oblique muscles.

As such, their bodies have no choice than to depend on the abs to hold the stomach in place. But since the job, of holding the stomach in place, is for the obliques, and the job of the abs is to aid in expanding the diagram when breathing, there is an imbalance in the body.

So, therefore, the body is forced to restore balance to its self, by storing more fats, since the body is triggered to believe that the human is stress, and might go on for longer without food.

3. You didn’t grow up properly

One of the bad effects of sucking in the stomach to look fit is the fact that if this habit is picked up, early in life, the said individual would not reach the final height.

If you are privileged to do a little research into the growth of the elder siblings in the world. You will discover that they used to be huge, but of recent, elder siblings tend to be smaller than their, younger siblings.

But why is this the case?

Well, it is caused by stress, which causes most elder siblings to suck in their bellies, which in turn causes them not to reach their optimum height.

Although this scenario is not peculiar to elder siblings, it is getting more common today, due to the fact that there is so much stress in society, caused by too much information.

As such, many people have to grow up too quickly, which can later cause many disadvantages in their health.

More common in people with underdeveloped bodies, is a weak upper body strength and weaker back muscles.

The remedy to this is to grow those muscle groups back, and in some people, this can actually cause a height increase of about 7 cm, if they build out their, back and oblique muscles.

4. You consume too many carbs

Some people just consume too many carbs, when they don’t actually need the amount of ingested energy, due to their sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, for us, we live in the 21st century, and this is the century of sugar.

Almost everything you buy in the store is extremely packed with one form of sugar or another, that it is unbelievable.

Couple that with the fact that sugary foods are extremely addictive. Then it becomes no surprise that we have so many obese and overweight people walking around.

As such, diabetes a once rare health condition, is almost too common. Even diet drinks which claim to contain sugar, contain an industrial sweetener (aspartame), which can be very bad for health.

5. You don’t eat enough protein & vegetables

Proteins are bodybuilding foods. That was how I was taught in elementary school.

Unfortunately, many people instead of eating more protein and vegetables. They decide to eat only carbs all day long.

As such, they reap the benefits of their actions and become overweight or obese

Bonus (Sixth Reasons why you cannot Lose weight)

6. You Don’t Drink Enough water

Most people seem to forget that water is also listed as the third class of the food.

Also, they forget that their body is made up of 70% water, which has to be replenished when lost.

The benefits of water are immense:

  1. It promotes bowel movement
  2. It helps you to lose weight
  3. Without water, your body can’t function properly (if you think I am lying, let me drop you in the middle of the Sahara).

As such, you must always drink lots of water during the day, flushing your system in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can learn more about this in the water therapy guide.