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The cradle of a ripped body is having 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack, 10-pack, or 12-pack abs. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy to achieve in modern-day society.

Nevertheless, just because it is difficult, doesn’t mean it is impossible. In fact, this almost impossible feat becomes too easy, with the right approach and technique.

But the greatest hindrance, and main reason, why many people cannot get abs. Is because they are only interested in get abs quick nonsense.

If you are different, you can learn how to get abs in out 6 months online weight loss and six-pack abs program.

The program shows you everything, and I mean everything on how to get a 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack, 10-pack, or even 12-pack abs.

Be sure to check out the the weight loss and abs program, then get stunning 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack, 10-pack or 12-pack abs in no time.

For others just looking to understand the various forms of abs in people, keep on reading.

4-pack Abs

The 4-pack Ab is one of the rarest to find in people.

It is mostly found in people who have a very short torso or upper body.

I think during my entire lifetime, I saw it only twice. The first time when a very close friend of mine, pulled his shirt when we were on the beach and the second time was on a video game character. Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat.

As such, I shouldn’t be the one to tell you that the 4-pack ab, is one of the rarest ab formations to see on humans.

It is so rare that 1 in every 50 million people, will have a 4-pack ab.

6-pack Abs

6-pack ab is the most common ab formation in humans.

In fact, it is so common that 7 in every 10 people have natural 6-pack abs if they can slim down to reveal their abdominal muscles.

8-pack Abs

A big misconception among fitness enthusiasts is that people can only be born with 8-pack abs.

Unfortunately, this is a big fat lie, as 8-pack abs can be acquired through a brutal training regimen, that divides the last of the 6-pack into two, forming an additional pack.

Now, just because, 8-pack abs can be acquired, doesn’t mean some people got it naturally.

In fact, 2 in every 10 people are born with natural 8-pack abs and don’t have to go through any strenuous fitness training to get 8-pack abs.

10-pack & 12-pack abs

The 10 & 12-pack abs are the rarest abdominal formation, any human can find.

1 in every 3000 people are likely to have 10 pack abs, but the rarest the 12-pack abs can only be found in 1 in every 60 million people.