In this post, I take my time to outline 200 fitness tips for both men and women. Some of these tips affect your psychology (soul and mind), whereas some affect your body directly. Be sure to understand the Silverline between the 200 health and fitness tips and your overall health in general. Do not overlook any tip.

Everything in life is interconnected, for example, people who are psychologically stressed begin to gain weight.

In simple terms, their minds affect their bodies.

  1. Stop sucking in your belly to look fit.
    Sucking in the stomach to look fit, affects breathing, causing weight gain.
  2. Flush digestive system with water daily.
    The stench of poop is almost unbearable to those not doing the act. Imagine how awful the poop storage facility (stomach), smells like. Flush your stomach first thing in the morning with 150 cl of water.
  3. Drink VegCspice smoothie.
    The VegCspice smoothie stands for Vegetables, Citrus and Spice. Creating a smoothie, out of these three foods, create a potent weight loss recipe.
  4. Squats.
    Squats are the most complete exercise any human can ever engage in. As it builds all muscle groups in the body. It should be noted that squats should be done without sucking in your stomach, a reference to the back.
  5. Leg raises.
    Leg raises are the best abs exercises a human can ever engage in. Unlike crunches that put an unnecessary toll on the back muscles. Leg raises, work the lower abs, which in turn naturally tones the obliques and upper abs.
  6. Avoid toxic people.
    Toxic people put a lot of stress on anybody’s life. Like leeches, their happiness is gotten from belittling other humans. Unfortunately, this can be bad for you, if you are their object of ridicule. Try as much as possible to avoid them.
  7. Eat lots of protein.
    Proteins are bodybuilding foods. To maintain ripped and healthy physic, you should incorporate more protein into your diet.
  8. Eat lots of vegetables.
    Unknown to many people, vegetables are laced with insane amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. For the body to function properly, vegetables have to be ingested.
  9. Eat bones.
    Many people today wonder why the elderly have stronger bones than their grandchildren. Well, t is because they gnawed on the bones of animals they ate. They didn’t depend on supplements, which are processed calcium, rather, they got it in its natural state from animal bones.
  10. Sleep.
    Sleep is essential for all sentient living organisms. Also, sleep is so important, that all humans that refuse to sleep, are unable to function properly. Sleep also helps in aiding the body to repair itself from injuries.
  11. Make your own home gym.
    Going to the gym is not suited for everybody, especially procrastinators. All procrastinators should have their own home gym. So that then, their minds have no excuses, not to workout.
  12. Limit watching online videos.
    Nothing eats up your time like watching online videos. Apparently, it is a new form of addiction, not social media. The worst part after wasting your time watching these online videos is that you feel unfulfilled, and the fact that you know that you have wasted a lot of time, which should have been invested in more productive ventures like working out.
  13. Eat organic foods.
    There is nothing better for the body than eating organic foods. Unlike processed foods. Organic foods retain most of the natural vitamins and minerals in them. They also don’t contain high cholesterol, transfats or carcinogenic substances (preservatives).
  14. Bath with warm water:
    Warm water is very efficient in soothing to sore muscles after a workout. Bathing with warm water before going to bed helps in softening stiff muscles, and enables faster repair from the body.
  15. Bath with cold water:
    Early morning cold baths are good, as cold water revitalizes the immune system, and helps in relieving muscle pain. Early morning baths can actually shock the system into overdrive. Only people who are free from ailments should attempt this.
  16. Avoid sugar:
    Obesity has skyrocketed worldwide, and it is caused by one culprit – sugar. It is almost impossible to live a healthy life, with so much intake of sugary foods.
  17. Master shame:
    Shame is the number one enemy to achieving goals. Many people would have achieved, so many incredible things if they hadn’t considered what others thought about them.
  18. Master boring things:
    Unfortunately, boring things are littered along the road to a fit body. I mean, Why should you work out, when you can be streaming that online video?
    Successful people know this, hence they spend most of their time, doing quiet daily things. And in the end, the results speak for themselves.
  19. Master yourself:
    Mastery of self entails exercising self-control, over our primitive instincts. A person, who has mastered self, is truthful to themselves at all times. They don’t need to impress others so that they become happy. As such, they do things (like becoming fit) because they want to, and they realize that it would better their lives.
    Ask yourself this. Are you a goat, or are you a lion?
    If your answer is a lion, then why do you have the herd (following) mentality of the goat?
  20. More is not always better:
    We live in a society in the fast lane. Nobody wants to follow due protocols. Everybody wants to make it fast, eat fast food, get laid fast, and even marry fast.
    As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most people are mentally drained, due to this high pace lifestyle. Become your own boss, become the author and finisher of your life.
  21. Lift weights:
    I am surprised that people want to lose weight when they have little or no muscles at all. Just as having plenty of money, makes getting more money easier. More muscles help burning fats easier.
  22. Eat fruits:
    Fruits like vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. As the popular cliche says, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  23. Love the grind:
    There is no point in going to the gym if you don’t find a way to love what you are doing. Try to fix gym goals, that way you stay motivated at all times.
  24. Add supplements into the mix:
    Sometimes, you might have a condition that causes your body, not to function properly. Takes to advancement in science, most essential minerals and vitamins can be industrially synthesized.
    Consider adding these supplements to your diet in such cases.
  25. Count your portions:
    Portions are the physical representation of ingested calories. Consider, counting your portions when it really matters, like when you are shredding.
  26. Sometimes you don’t have to count portions:
    At times, it might just seem stupid to count portion sizes, like when you are bulking up.
  27. Don’t forget the cheat day:
    Every sentient living organic thing requires rest at some point in time. The cheat day is the day in any weight loss or fitness program, in which you are allowed to eat all the junk food you desire.
    This is a good way, to keep your fitness program interesting, and at the same time manageable.
  28. Always remember who you are doing:
    Selfishness is the first step to success (staying fit). Nobody on earth truly cares about you. They just need you until you are dispensable. As such, you must always do things for your own betterment first, before thinking of helping others. I mean, how can you help others, if you cannot even help yourself.
  29. Lay the right foundation:
    Laying the right foundation for any fitness journey is the key to seeing lasting results. As the saying goes, a building built on a strong foundation stands the test of time and the elements.
  30. Lean on your obliques:
    Leaning on obliques is the reason, why some people are always slim, whereas others are alway fat. Learn to lean on your obliques, as you learn to be in a more relaxed state.
  31. Breath through the nose:
    Many people are guilty of this. They breathe through their mouths. Avoid mouth breathing as it has many ill effects on your body and fitness goals. Inhale deeply and expand your chest diaphragm, then exhale.
  32. Limit engaging your abs:
    Although, this is a side effect of a stressed-out environment. Limit engaging your abdominal muscles at all times. This action can have destabilizing effects on your digestive system, which in turn can destabilize your whole body.
  33. Keep water with you at all times:
    Your body is made up of 70% water for a good reason. Keep your body hydrated at all times, so it can function in a healthy manner.
  34. Meditate:
    Many people like to deny it, but we all know that we have a soul and spirit. Eating strengthens the body, but reading and meditation strengthen the mind.
  35. Lower carbs intake:
    No class of food makes a person fatter than carbs. Lower car intake, to maintain more ripped and more muscled physic.
  36. Never overtrain:
    A problem common with most novice. There is nothing good about overtraining. You feel sore all over, you might even fall sick. An in the worst case, you might even injure yourself.
  37. Injuries are a nightmare:
    The worst part about injuries is that it is the best experienced than explained. Before an injury, every person trains like superman. Then, you pick up an injury, and can’t even do the simplest exercise routine. Proper form and training in moderation, are the keys, to not pick up an injury.
  38. Impress only yourself:
    There is no point going to the gym, to try and impress other people (that is bullshit). Nobody cares if you can deadlift 300 ib. Focus on what took you to the gym and stop, making a fool out of yourself.
  39. Learn how to cook:
    Cooking is not hard to learn. All the money you waste, eating out, can be put into good use, by learning how to cook your own food.
  40. Plant your own food:
    You should have a little back garden, where you can harvest fresh food. Trust me along the line you will see the importance of your overall health. There is no point in paying good money to eat, chemical-ridden foods.
  41. Buy your own groceries:
    If you don’t have the time to plant your own garden, you can start your own grocery shopping. Source for quality farmers around you and get healthy groceries from them. Then cook healthy meals for your body.
  42. Limit how you eat out:
    Eating out should become more of a treat than the norm, in your household. As I said earlier, learn how to cook your own food, and stop eating out.
  43. Blame only yourself for been fat:
    Some people can be real arseholes in life, this is understandable. But you shouldn’t make the mistake of blaming them for your problems, because then you can never escape from them.
    Blame yourself for your problems, because then you begin to focus on things you can change, not things out of your control, like how others behave.
  44. Stop procrastinating:
    Procrastination is the killer of all dreams. The worst part of it all is that we have limited time on this earth. Before you know it seconds, turns into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years. Then before you realize what has happened, you are old and have not achieved anything in life.
  45. Now is the right time:
    The society today has made us become docile. Everything is at the edge of our fingertips. This lifestyle makes us procrastinate. Weed out toxic and addictive stuff from your life, and make now the time for everything.
  46. Get good gears:
    If you have the money, there is no harm, spending a little on good gears, for your fitness goals. Good gears can be the difference between achieving your goals and failing completely.
  47. Early morning (Waking up Early):
    A productivity hack, many people forget. Start your day early, and see whether you don’t fulfill your fitness goals. Rising early in the morning, like by 4 am. Is the best gift, you can give yourself. Because then, the day becomes yours.
  48. Always plan the next day:
    Planning the next day, ahead of time, will tremendously increase your fitness productivity. People who do this consistently are known to achieve their long term and short term goals. As the saying goes, If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  49. Avoid falling into peer pressure:
    If I told you to choose between being a Lion, or a goat? The majority of people will choose a lion. But unfortunately, many people behave like goats today.
    Let your yes, be your yes, and your no be your no. Anybody that can’t accept that should go and die.
  50. Flock with birds of the same feathers:
    As the saying goes, show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are. As such, if you want to succeed in your fitness endeavor, you need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals. By doing this, you can reach your goals easily, since you share advice and hacks.
  51. Cook healthy foods and keep in your fridge, to be microwaved and taken to work:
    This hack is important for those planning their fitness goals meticulously. Cookout your meals beforehand, that way, you have no excuse to abandon your fitness program.
  52. Coffee is good for you:
    Coffee is a natural substance that can help you feel less drowsy when you wake up early. Don’t be afraid to drink coffee, as it can increase your productivity for the day.
  53. Don’t go overboard on coffee:
    Too much of everything is bad. A good rule of thumb is to know your limits and what works best for you. Don’t go overboard on coffee and then later be unable to fall asleep.
    Moderation is the key to happiness.
  54. Always make sure to work out in the morning and evening:
    This tip is for seasoned people. After you have build-up, your endurance to some certain fitness programs. You just have to work out in the morning and evenings to see any further progress. Don’t be afraid, when you are in this situation. It just shows that you have reached a milestone, in which 0.01% of people will ever reach.
  55. Spread out your meals:
    Spreading out meals to have more portions, helps to keep your metabolism, high. As such, you are burning fats throughout the entire day.
  56. Incorporate more aerobic exercises:
    Incorporating aerobic exercises that improve cardiovascular health is good for wellbeing. The best exercise any human can engage in is swimming. In fact, you should only pay for a gym membership, if there is a pool in the gym.
  57. Incorporate calisthenics into the workout to stay ripped:
    Calisthenics is the hardest form of any fitness goal. These exercises, make use of the body’s weight to train itself. Calisthenics, burn a lot of fats and increase upper body strength tremendously. Calisthenics also helps you master the activation of all muscle groups. This is the secret to incredible strength.
  58. Lower rate of masturbation:
    Masturbation has become a scourge to humanity. It reduces productivity and testosterone in all who practice it. There is a reason footballers are forced to limit their sexual activity.
    For this reason, if you want to see tangible results in your fitness endeavors, you must limit the rate at which you masturbate. Start by cutting it down to once a week, then once a month, then once a year. Or go for spiritual deliverance.
  59. Avoid drinking:
    Unknown to may, alcohol has many damaging effects on the body. In fact, a subtle fact not to ingest alcohol is the number of calories, contained in each serving. If you are thinking of engaging in any fitness program, reduce your alcohol intake to once a week.
  60. Avoid drugs:
    Drugs like alcohol can damage your system in unspeakable ways. Limit the rate at which you do drugs.
  61. Limit the way you party:
    There is nothing tangible you gain from partying. It is just a cool way of wasting away precious time. So many things can go wrong during a party. Then after all the waste of time, you are left with a hungover.
  62. Walk more:
    The world is turning into an Agric farm, and most people are the chickens. Instead of taking the elevator, use the staircase instead. Instead of driving a short distance, walk your dog there.
    These little acts of fitness, make a mighty ocean of a fit you.
  63. Avoid crunches:
    99.99% of people don’t have proper form to do it. As such, crunches goes on to damage their spines. If you are planning any fitness program, cut crunches out of the equation.
  64. Be harsh to toxic people:
    Toxic people add nothing to your life. They just subtract your happiness, joy and good thoughts.
    You owe toxic people nothing, always be harsh to them, if not, they will make you commit suicide.
  65. Go camping once in a while:
    Camping is an activity that helps you get closer to nature. It helps in relieving stress, from a toxic urban world.
  66. Go rock climbing:
    Like camping, rock climbing also helps in relieving stress.
  67. Go exploring your outdoor:
    Exploring your surrounding activates your thinking faculties (brain). It is also a fitness regimen.
  68. Simplify your life:
    Think of a number. Now square its answer. Then cube the new answer. Repeat the above, till tomorrow.
    Did you find the end of numbers?
    The essence of life is simplifying your life and finding joy and fulfillment in the present. Most people forget this and keep chasing dreams, and when dreams are actualized, they are left with an empty void of unfulfillment.
  69. Spend on yourself:
    Life is short, and nobody knows when they will die. Spend your money on lasting experiences. These memories will be what you fall back on when the going gets tough.
  70. Manage your finance properly:
    Life without money is almost useless. There is no better feel-good drug that can light up your day than to see a bountiful, bank account balance. To avoid a stressful life, make sure you manage your finances properly. You cannot be fit if your bank account is unfit.
  71. Buy fairly used things, to save money:
    There is nothing wrong with buying fairly used things. If you plan on saving money, buy fairly used gym equipment.
  72. Set milestones:
    Setting short and long term goals, is an easy way, to self-critic. This simple but always ignored task, will make sure you are always chasing your goals in fitness.
  73. Record Progress:
    Recording your fitness progress will ensure, you see through your short and long term goals. You can start a blog or YouTube channel, or snap progress pictures to boost your moral.
  74. Achieve milestones:
    Success is simply achieving milestones. Nothing will make you happier than achieving a fitness milestone you set a while back.
  75. Set new milestones:
    The difference between a successful person and a winner, are their milestones. After achieving a fitness milestone, set another one.
  76. Never give up:
    When you give up, you become a failure. Life is not a bed of roses. When you fall, you get back up and keep on pushing.
  77. Just do it. Yes, you can:
    Get up from that bed, and start doing something.
  78. Avoid putting down other people:
    Do to others what you want others to do to you. As you navigate toxic people, you also should avoid being toxic to people around you.
  79. Play dumb, if you have mastered workouts:
    Don’t try to show off in public.
  80. Become somebody’s weight loss coach:
    Nothing makes you get your shit together, like becoming somebody’s fitness coach. Because then, the pressure is on you, not to only not disappoint yourself. But not to disappoint others.
  81. Visualize your goals:
    Every great invention, you see today, started in the inventor’s mind. The mind is a very powerful tool, use it.
  82. Focus on your goals:
    There is no point in getting sidetracked in life. Focus on your goals and make your dreams a reality. Write down your short term and long term goals.
  83. Turn deaf ears to Naysayers:
    Nobody wants you to succeed in life. If you keep on listening to these naysayers, you will get useless in life.
  84. Make use of quiet time:
    You should make room for quiet time. This is when you are alone, with your thoughts. These moments are vital, to build a strong will.
  85. Talk less, workout more:
    Talk is cheap. Invest all the time you spend on cheap talk in workouts that can change your life.
  86. Stop giving excuses:
    What is the point of always giving excuses?
    Focus on your goals and stop being delusional. If you deceive other people, you are smart. But if you keep deceiving yourself, you are stupid.
  87. Do not fear:
    Who are you not to be ripped? Who are you not to have the good things in life?
    You deserve to be ripped, and you deserve the best in life.
  88. The hard way is the only way:
    If you want the easy way, be ready not to fulfill your dream, and die with regrets.
  89. Age is just a number:
    Don’t listen to the naysayers. You can be ripped, no matter how old you are.
  90. But be more careful, the older you are:
    To older people, you can’t make the same kind of mistakes in which younger people make. Be more careful, in your fitness program.
  91. Live and breathe exercise:
    Incorporate fitness into your daily lifestyle.
  92. Food is the body:
    Your body is made in the kitchen. Don’t forget that.
  93. People are different:
    People are different. We have blacks, whites, Indians, orientals, etc. Each individual with different genetic makeup.
    For example, Eskimos bodies are tailored to eat meat, whereas, Asians bodies, prefer plant-based foods. Identify what works best for you, and stop following a fitness fad.
  94. Don’t forget to lift weights:
    Many people are afraid to lift weights because they are afraid they will look like bodybuilders. They forget that bodybuilders take steroids and end up looking like donuts.
    Don’t be afraid to lift weights, as it tones your body.
  95. Do workouts you enjoy:
    Working out is the least enjoyable thing you can think of. To counter this debilitating feeling, engage in fun workouts, like swimming or long tennis.
  96. Recovery days are very important:
    Any good fitness program creates days for the body to recover and repair muscle damage. Never ever skip your recovery days, except you are planning to get injured.
  97. Follow the 90/10 Rule:
    The 90/10 rule, simple means 90% vegetables, and proteins, 10% carbs.
  98. Have a Junk Food day:
    A junk food day is necessary to keep your sanity during a meal plan. It also serves as a mental reset for your long term goals.
  99. Forget the scale once in a while:
    The scale can measure your weight accurately, but it fails to differentiate between muscle weight and body fats weight. As such, people sometimes lose hope, during their fitness journey. When in reality, they are converting their fat weight, into muscle weight.
  100. Eat slowly:
    There is no point in eating like an animal. Eat slowly, savoring the taste of food.
  101. Take your time:
    There is no point in rushing exercise routines. Doing this will just attract injuries. Take your time, when working out.
  102. Push on no matter what:
    There will come a time when you will feel as if nothing is working. At this time, you need to dig deep and discover your will. Then keep on pushing to achieve your goals.
  103. Smart work:
    Don’t work like an elephant and see ant results. Rather work like an ant and see elephant results. This is called smart work. In your fitness journey, when everybody around you is working hard, work smart.
  104. Avoid gluttony:
    Gluttony is like a storm to your fitness dreams. Gluttony will wreck your life if you are not careful.
  105. Burn more calories than you eat:
    Most fitness coaches preach this all the time. While this is not ideal all the time, it is incredibly necessary on junk day.
  106. Foam roller:
    Foam rollers are a welcome help to soothe aching muscles, after a fitness workout.
  107. Focus on your role models that have achieved the impossible:
    Focusing on your role models makes you keep to heart what you want to achieve in life.
  108. Don’t overspend:
    It is quite easy to overspend when trying to achieve a fitness goal. This can come back to bite you along the line and leave you with nothing but regrets. Become a cheapskate, cut your plan according to your budget.
  109. Avoid indulging in food as a coping mechanism:
    Bad habits like indulging in food as a coping mechanism can ruin your life. Rather, try to avoid situations, that put you in such conditions.
  110. Avoid fitness fads:
    Your health is your life. Anybody can create a fitness fad and post it online since many people are desperate. Try to avoid fitness fads.
  111. Diversify your workout, once in a while:
    Once in a while, to make a boring routine, more enjoyable, you need to spice things up, by diversifying the workout.
  112. Cross-train:
    Engage in more types of fitness exercises. You can run, swim, lift weights, ride a bicycle, etc.
  113. Challenge yourself:
    Increase workout intensity after a specific duration of time.
  114. Remember your eggs and yogurt:
    Yogurt and eggs are the cheapest forms of protein. Don’t forget to eat them generously.
  115. Patience is a virtue:
    Be patient with your progress. Instead of falling into despair, think of the things you did wrong, along the way.
  116. Track your progress:
    Keep your mind sharp and determined by always tracking your progress.
  117. Cover your whole house with Healthy snacks and foods:
    Clear all junk food out of your house. Instead, fill your fridge and cabinets with healthy foods.
  118. Rinse and Repeat. What worked for you:
    Along the road, take note of what worked well for you. Rinse and repeat these actions.
  119. Strengthen your upper body:
    Your upper body is what gives shape to your physic. Tailor your fitness goals to strengthen your upper body, if it is weak.
  120. Strengthen your lower body:
    Your lower body is what gives you balance. Tailor your fitness goals to strengthen your lower body, if it is weak.
  121. Strengthen your body gradually:
    Every big thing starts small. Be patient and train your body gradually.
  122. Ditch compound equipment:
    Most gyms fill themselves, with expensive equipment that should be used by bodybuilders. Ditch most of these compound equipment, since most of them are an overkill.
  123. Dress properly (better):
    You are addressed, the way you dress.
  124. Complete a marathon:
    To test how strong and powerful your heart is, you can run a marathon.
  125. The brain is important:
    Many people, when trying to stay fit, forget to also train their brain. Try solving puzzles, or complex problems.
  126. Avoid too much online surfing:
    Surfing the internet can eat a huge chunk of your time. Before you know it, you have wasted precious time. Time yourself, when watching these videos.
  127. Train like Bruce Lee:
    Lean and Fit is better than huge and unflexible.
  128. Avoid steroids:
    Steroids can improve the work rate in astronomical proportions. But then again, it is the easy way out. If you must use steroids, limit the dosage.
  129. Avoid sharing needles:
    To those, using steroids, avoid sharing needles with other people. This is the easiest way to contact, life-threatening diseases.
  130. Train your recovery:
    Like muscles, the recovery rate can also be trained. Recovery is naturally gotten, by doing the same workouts all the time.
  131. Train for stamina:
    Stamina can be trained by high-intensity workout, immediately followed by low-intensity workouts.
  132. Train for speed:
    Speed and agility are gotten by training the legs.
  133. Train for strength:
    Strength is gotten from slow workout repetitions.
  134. Eat nuts:
    Nuts are rich in some essential vitamins and minerals. Adding nuts into your diet will go a long way in improving your fitness goals.
  135. Try Probiotics:
    For those with light stomachs, adding probiotics will help in restoring balance to your digestive system.
  136. Avoid bright lights before sleep:
    Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Switching off the light helps in the secretion of melatonin.
  137. Take essential oils:
    Essential oils are filled with substances that reduce the effects of oxidation, which causes wasting of the body.
    Essential oils are especially good for the skin.
  138. Dabble with saturated fats:
    Saturated fats occur naturally in organic foods. These fats are healthy and cause almost no damage to the body.
  139. Limit intake of unsaturated fats:
    Saturated fats, like trans fats, are produced industrially. This is the most common cause of obesity.
  140. Herbs are your friend:
    Herbs contain antioxidants, that help in regulating the health of individuals. Brewing and drinking herbs helps in maintaining the general well being of a person, which is a huge advantage in any fitness program.
  141. Spices warm you up:
    Spices are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. And like herbs, have tremendous antioxidant properties, which is beneficial to any fitness routine.
  142. Limit dieting:
    Jumping from one diet plan to another is not always the case. Find a diet plan and stick to it.
  143. Eat apples daily:
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat apples or fruits daily, as they are filled with vitamins and minerals.
  144. Enjoy life:
    Life is too short, to waste on nonsense. Do things that make you happy, and stop trying to impress other people.
  145. Throw out the trash:
    There is no point in holding unto clutter. This just shows, how unorganized a person is.
  146. Get laid:
    Endorphines are released after getting laid. This can promote a positive train of thoughts, which will help you in your fitness journey. Just make sure the person you are with is your partner.
  147. Change toothbrushes regularly:
    Mouth health affects the stomach, which in turn affects the body. Change your toothbrushes regularly after every three months.
  148. Search for bumps:
    Bumps can be an indication of the underlying sickness. Check your body routinely, so that any underlying sickness can be found and treated on time.
  149. Play games:
    Play is essential for the well being of every human. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  150. Juice up, once in a while:
    Juicing is also a form of losing weight. Sometimes it might be the only solution to your problem.
  151. Never feel sorry for yourself:
    Never give in to despair. It changes your mind. There is always hope.
  152. Limit screen time:
    All modern-day devices that possess a screen are a sure way to waste your time. Control the time you spend on them.
  153. Eat more fiber:
    Fiber helps in regulating the digestive system. Eating fiber can also help in proper bowel movement.
  154. Eat more whey protein:
    Whey protein is mostly gotten from milk. It can help in compounding the results of your fitness efforts.
  155. Intermittent fasting is an option:
    Most Muslims engage in intermittent fasting, and it helps in moderating their body mass index.
  156. Read books, get knowledge:
    Nobody can know it all. As such, you shouldn’t stop researching better fitness techniques to achieve your fitness goals.
  157. Use fork instead of a spoon:
    Spoons can make you overeat at times. Start using forks to limit the amount of food you consume daily.
  158. Buy a thermometer:
    Monitor body temperature.
  159. Always keep colloidal silver with you:
    The benefits of colloidal silver are immense. It prevents falling to some of these common ailments.
  160. Always keep colloidal gold with you:
    Gold is the fastest conductor of electricity. Colloidal gold helps in improving cognitive capacity, due to the gold in it.
  161. Always keep colloidal copper with you:
    Colloidal copper was used by ancient Egyptians to supplement colloidal silver. Use it to restore balance to your system.
  162. Always keep colloidal iridium with you:
    As colloidal gold improves cognitive performance, colloidal iridium increases brain clarity.
  163. Buy a water tester:
    Water is life, and drinking water with fewer impurities increases your lifespan.
  164. Strife to always drink distilled water:
    Distilled water is water without any impurities
  165. Drink alkaline water:
    If you are not drinking distilled water. Alkaline water helps in regulating the acidic environment in your body, which causes diseases.
  166. Get tested regularly:
    Going to the hospital and getting tested regularly, help in catching diseases, in their infant state.
  167. Limit fried foods:
    Fried foods are delicious, but they contain cholesterol and can kill if too much is ingested. Limit the way you consume these foods.
  168. Smile, be appreciative:
    A positive outlook on life attracts positive vibes. Smile even when everything around you is toxic.
  169. Don’t wear ridiculously High heel shoe:
    This tip goes to women. Many women have dislocated their ankles due to high heels. As such, they can’t continue their fitness goal, since they need their legs to become fit.
  170. Use your phone voice recorder:
    Sometimes you might get fitness inspirations out of the blue. Use your phone voice recorder to record those thoughts, that way, you don’t forget them.
  171. Become an alpha:
    Nothing feels better than being an alpha in life. Strife to become the author and finisher of your fitness goals.
  172. Shout more often:
    Psychological, shouting helps to fight off fear. This has been known for centuries and has been employed by soldiers running to their deaths.
  173. Wash your gym clothes:
    After every fitness routine, wash your clothes, so you don’t fall sick.
  174. Keep your environment clean:
    There is no point in wearing clean clothes, when your environment, is completely dirty since you will still fall ill. Clean your environment, regularly.
  175. Take deep and long breathes to limit stress:
    Deep and long breaths invigorate your entire system.
  176. Fellowship with your partner:
    A relationship is not what the other person can offer, but what you can offer. You are now in a relationship, with the gym, don’t cheat on it.
  177. Fellowship with your family:
    Family is the last relation, that stays with you, when everything else, fails. Family is the most important.
  178. Put all blame on yourself:
    Only then can you improve.
  179. Ignore toxic people you can’t get rid of:
    Toxic people steal your shine, by jeopardizing your fitness program. Ignore them.
  180. Escape from toxic people you can get rid of:
    Ask the devil is a good guy and his answer will be yes. Sometimes toxic people become so toxic, that you are left with no choice than to escape.
  181. Wash your hands all the time:
    Your hand will come in contact with so many infested materials and substances. These infested materials can cause sickness, which can affect your fitness program. You can avoid all that by simply washing your hands. Always use soap and water.
  182. Take wipes with you everywhere:
    Sometimes, you might not be close to soap and water. In that case, antiseptic wipes can sanitize your hands.
  183. It is not a crime to look good:
    Looking good is not a crime. In fact, it will help in boosting your self-confidence.
  184. Drink water when the craving starts:
    Whenever you are having food cravings, just drink water, to curtail the craving.
  185. Forgive people who hurt you deeply:
    There is no point holding unto offence. Forgive your offenders, as it heals your soul and restores balance to your body.
  186. Ingest Vitamin C:
    Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Get it from freshly prepared orange juice, not processed juice.
  187. Whole grains is your friend.
  188. Make bread your friend:
    Bread is almost a complete food. There is a reason, the ancient Jews, loved it.
  189. Allow your body immune system strong:
    Limit how you take pills.
  190. Your eyes are everything:
    Avoid jeopardizing your eye health, when undergoing a fitness program.
  191. Get a workout mat:
    Workout mats are ideal for some exercises.
  192. Get a workout bench:
    A workout bench is a necessity, in all fitness programs.
  193. Change your views on life:
    Be semi optimistic, try to see the good in everything.
  194. Consider listening to friends:
    But semi pessimistic about their fitness views.
  195. Become an eagle:
    Try and see things from a higher perspective. For example, a logger and a forest conservationist were fighting due to their differing beliefs. Only an eagle can come up with a middle ground for the two. The solution an eagle would suggest is for the logger to plant two trees for every tree he cuts down, restoring balance to both men, and making them both happy.
  196. Become a lion:
    Be bold, fight for your dreams of achieving the perfect body.
  197. Become a tiger:
    Be stealthy, never underestimate the slow movement of a tiger as a weakness.
  198. Become zero:
    Zero is the king of all numbers. No digit can multiply or divide it and stay the same. Yet it is so humble it doesn’t add or subtract from the lives of other integers. Be indifferent to trivial matters of life.
  199. Be good:
    Everybody is selfish, your goodness can change the world.
  200. Be bad:
    Sometimes it is the only right thing to do.