I compiled the 20 best benefits of running since it is such a versatile and complete workout for all humans.

1. Improves cardiovascular health

Running is the de facto exercise to improve cardiovascular health. Its advantage, over its rival, swimming, which is arguably the best cardiovascular exercise. Is that it can be done anywhere at any time, without the need for a water body.

Research suggests that Olympic runners have bigger hearts and lungs than humans who live a sedentary lifestyle.

2. Tones down the body

Fats and adipose tissues can disfigure the body, since it chooses to store itself, wherever it chooses.

Running helps to burn off these excess, fats and adipose tissues. Giving the person, more toned and robust physic.

3. Helps in staying fit

The amount of exergy and work put into running is ridiculous. Naturally, the body has to adapt to this

4. Tones abdominal muscles

Running is an intense sport that uses most of your body’s muscles. One of the muscle group targeted is the abdominal muscles.

This is more evident in Olympic runners who all have 6 pack abs.

5. Tones oblique muscles

If the abdominal muscles are toned by running, then the oblique muscles, won’t be left behind.

Oblique muscles are responsible, for that tapered V-shape body, in athletes.

Of all athletes, sprinters (runners), have the most developed obliques, hence their body outlined is more defined. Since, they have broad shoulders, with very slim waistlines.

6. Releases Dopamine and Endorphines

Of all exercises, running, swimming and squats are known to release the highest amounts of endorphins and dopamine. These two hormones are responsible for feeling good and having runners high.

In fact, running is the best chance of getting the ‘runner high’, a term used to describe an intensely feel-good state experienced by runners.

7. Increases Agility

Running builds leg and abdominal muscles which are responsible for agility in humans.

Constant running gradually builds and increases agility in humans in general.

8. Improves lifestyle choices

Running releases endorphins into the body. These feel-good hormones are responsible in part for helping the well being of a person.

Feel-good hormones can reduce the level of anxiety and stress levels in an individual. And anybody without stress and anxiety can function better in today’s society.

Hence, an improvement in the lifestyle choices of people who frequently partake in running.

9. Increases bone strength

A lot of force is generated when an individual runs. Naturally, the human body is an adaptive organism. That is the main reason, humans are able to conquer most parts of the world and live there.

Eskimos have adapted to living in the north pole. Nepal and Kenyans have adapted to living in a high altitude terrain, and the list goes on and on.

For this reason, the body of individuals who frequently engage in running adapts to be able to manage the stress put on the leg, from the sport.

A result of this adaptation is an increase in bone density, which causes an increase in bone strength.

10. Reduces cholesterol levels

From studies done on athletes who frequently engage in running shows that they have lower levels of cholesterol than sedentary people who don’t engage in sports.

In fact, a study was done in 2002, Duke University showed, that running reduces the sizes of cholesterol in the human body.

11. Supercharge Cognitive Ability

One of the more unknown benefits of running is its ability to actually improve cognitive ability.

Running reduces cholesterol, which in turn improves blood flow, of which most are used by the brain.

Also, blood flow helps in cleansing the brain of toxic radicals, which improves and supercharges cognitive ability

12. Increases Confidence

It’s not new news, that overweight people are the target of criticism and jests. As such, their confidence levels are among the lowest in society.

Running can help in losing weight, which in turn boosts confidence of the individual participating in it.

13. Better Skin

Running puts a strain on the cardiovascular system, which in turn burns up adipose tissue (fats), to fuel itself. These adipose tissues are sometimes responsible for the unhygienic appearance of the skin.

Frequent running helps to burn off adipose tissues in the body, which in turn improves the physical appearance of the skin.

14. Strengthen Joints and Ligaments

As I said earlier, the body adapts rapidly to ensure the survival of an individual. Frequent running helps in building stronger and more durable joints and ligaments.

Running also helps to negate the risks of arthritis.

15. Decreases Junk Food Cravings

Anybody that has truly run soon learns to eat good food since they have witnessed first hand the benefits of running.

In fact, running helps to reduce junk food cravings in the sense that the individual now abhors, these excessively sweetened foods.

16. Improves Heart health

Running releases endorphins which causes runner’s high and helps in reducing stress in the body.

Frequent running reduces the resting heart rate, which is considered a good thing in the sports world. As it is a good indication of fitness.

17. Reduces Cancer Risk

Running burns of adipose tissues (fats) in the body, which are known to cause cancer in any occasion.

In fact, a study done by the American Medical Association, showed that people who frequently engage in running are at a lesser risk to some certain forms of cancer.

18. Absorption of Vitamins and Minerals

Just as running improves cardiovascular health, also, it improves the health of the digestive system.

This improvement in the health of the digestive system enables to body to be more efficient in absorbing essential vitamins and minerals.

19. Fights of Diseases

Frequent running makes the body stronger in all senses, even the immune system.

With the immune system is bolstered, it is more able to fight off diseases with ease, to maintain the overall health of the body.

20. Protects the Body’s Organs

Running in general is improves the blood flow in an individual, which is responsible for supplying essential vitamins and minerals to the body of said person.

Frequent runners are known to have more healthy organs, than their sedentary counterparts.

As such, running at least once a week is recommended by health practitioners.

Also, individuals who are interested in engaging in running, should start slow, and build up their intensity with time.

This is to avoid the risk of injuries, which can result from running.

In summary, these are the 20 best benefits of running:

  1. It improves cardiovascular health
  2. Tones down the body
  3. It helps in staying fit
  4. Tones abdominal muscles
  5. Tones oblique muscles
  6. Releases Dopamine and Endorphines
  7. Increases Agility
  8. Improves lifestyle choices
  9. Increases bone strength
  10. Reduces cholesterol levels
  11. Supercharge Cognitive Ability
  12. Increases Confidence.
  13. Better Skin.
  14. Strengthen joints and Ligaments
  15. Decreases Junk Food Cravings.
  16. Improves heart health
  17. Reduces Cancer Risk
  18. Absorption of Vitamins and Minerals
  19. Fights of Diseases
  20. Protects the Body’s Organs

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