Humans can never be satisfied, some women want to get bigger breasts, whereas some want to make their breasts smaller.

In this post I go through 12 exercise activities to reduce breast size naturally.

Remember, you want to reduce breast size, not make them bigger, by swigging them around. Try wearing a bra, at all times, when engaging in the activities listed below.

Finally, you should remember, that

1. Swimming

On this blog, I try to tell people the truth. The problem with telling people the truth is that they can’t digest it, because it is bitter.

So they either mock the truth, or reject it completely. That said, the quickest way to finding and reaching peace, is to accept the truth, you can keep on running away from it, all your life, but at the end of the day, the truth comes back to haunt you. Staring you right in the face. Then you look stupid.

Unfortunately, many people, are not fortunate enough to reach the truth, when they were young, so they end up, on their death beds, regretting all their actions.

If you are different, accept this easy truth: the most effective exercise to reduce breast size is swimming.

The benefits of swimming everyday, are immense, to the point that, the fastest way, to solve the obesity problem in the world today, is for pools to be created everywhere.

2. Dancing

Dancing is fun, and requires passing effort. In other words, despite the fact that you are actively exercising, your brain doesn’t treat it as a workout, but rather, like a fun activity.

Make sure you wear bra, to cup and cushion the breasts, and then you can dance your way, to a smaller breast.

3. Yoga

The last thing you want your breasts to be doing when trying to lose weight, is for them to be bobbing and weaving.

Bad muscle memory, causes the body to gain weight.

Yoga rectifies, this by teaching the body, to get better muscle memory, by holding poses, that reroute, brain synapses, to gain, more normal muscle memory.

4. Breath Properly Stop Sucking in Stomach

Breathing regularly, is key to losing tremendous amount of fats on autopilot.

Oxygen is necessary for combustion, as your body, takes in more oxygen, it burns off, energy, which in turn causes your body to lose weight.

5. Cooking Good Food

The body is made in the kitchen. This is known, around, by dieticians, and weight loss gurus.

But the activity of preparing good food in itself, can be a tasking workout regimen, that can help you lose weight, from your breasts.

6. Biking

Biking activates your leg muscles, which is among the biggest muscles in your body.

Also, Biking regularly, can burn lots of fats, from your breasts, making them smaller, in time.

7. Roller Blade Skating

Skating is one of the worlds most sneaky exercises. Been that it looks harmless, but is in fact one of the most tasking, workout regimen, in the world.

Skating regularly, can cause you to lose weight in your chest, arms, legs, and waist. As such it is one of the best exercises to lose weight in your breasts.

8. Ice Skating

Similar to the normal rollers blade skating, ice skating, has all the benefits of rollers blade, except it is done on ice.

Nevertheless, since it is done in cold region, the risk of swelling of the muscles is minimized, because of the cold ice around, which can help in reducing muscle fatigue.

9. Squats

Squats is one of the most versatile workout in the world. Been that it is a full body workout.

Squating regularly, can help to reduce the size of your breast.

Notwithstanding, it care should be taken, when doing squats so that you do not injure your body in the process. Thereby sabotaging your entire, weight loss program, to reduce your breast size.

10. Bench Leg raises

Leg raises, strengthen the foundation of your body, which is your back. As such, and a body with a strong foundation, will not crumble.

Women should learn to incorporate, this workout into their exercise routine, regularly to reduce the size of their breasts.

11. Calisthenics

Calisthenics, is probably the hardest activity any human can engage in, been that the person, is forced to raise, and lift up their entire body weight.

But the benefits of engaging, in calisthenics regularly, is that, the body is rapidly forced to strengthen, itself, to be able to lift up the entire body.

Due to the fact, that women, are geared to be able to handle pain, better than men, calisthenics can be a viable activity to lose weight on the breasts.

The good thing about calisthenics, is that it isn’t hard on the breasts, to the point that it can cause, wear and tear on the breasts.

12. Jogging

Jogging has been around, forever. It is the go to exercise, for people around the world, to lose weight, regularly.

When trying to lose weight in your breast, you should try

In conclusion, the 12 Best Exercises Activities to Reduce Breast Size Naturally:

  1. Swimming
  2. Dancing
  3. Yoga
  4. Breathing
  5. Cooking good food
  6. Biking
  7. Rollers Blade Skating
  8. Ice skating
  9. Squats
  10. Bench Leg raises
  11. Calisthenics
  12. Jogging