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With the rate of obesity, spiraling out of control, I made it a point to research, easy weight loss tips that actually work.

In this post, I go through 11 off those weight loss tips.

1. Stop Sucking your Stomach to look fit

I am sure you have heard the saying “brace for impact”. But I am not sure you know what happens to your body, while you brace for impact.

During the time an individual braces for impact, the stomach is sucked in, to keep the body in a tense and ridgid position.

In other words, sucking in your stomach, is a stress response, similar to when you brace yourself, for incoming dome.

That said, nothing disrupts your entire body’s functions, as when you are stressed up.

2. Your Back is important

We all know that the most important part of any building is the foundation. Also, we know that the body is a building (although inorganic).

As such, the back of every human is a very important aspect to strengthen, when trying to lose weight. So, therefore, strengthing your back will help you lose weight faster since it is the foundation of your body. Hence why you have a backbone.

3. Your Obliques are important

If the back is the foundation, then the obliques is the side walls of the building.

4. Eat more but more vegetable

Vegetables are loaded with vitamin and minerals, which helps your body stay healthy.

Not only that, vegetables are also loaded with tons of fiber, which aids in regulating, gut health.

As such, eating more vegetables can actually help you lose weight or stay healthy.

5. Stop practicing intermittent fasting

A new fad I see in many people is the fact that they practice intermittent fasting.

Now, intermittent fasting has its benefits, but what many people fail to realize, is that this practice is more suited for people with specific body types or genelogy.

Instead of practicing intermittent fasting, flushing the colon with water, is a far better option, for many people.

6. VegCspice smoothie

VegCspice is an acronym for vegetable, citrus (vitamin c), spice smoothie.

There is no definitive ingredient for making the smoothie, as it is left to the

7. Squats

Squats is one of the best exercise a human being can ever engage in. Squatting regularly, has many benefits, like strengthening, the back, obliques and leg muscles.

Also, squats help humans build muscles, which in turn, burn off excess fats from the body.

8. Leg raises

Leg raises, helps tone the upper body of a human, which put the center of all human chakra (the stomach), in the right place.

9. Running

Asides swimming, very few exercises, can compete with running in its raw ability to burn off execess fats, from the body.

Athletes, that engage in running activities regularly, like soccer players, American football players, Olympic sprinting, have some of the most sculpted body in the world, due to the immense benefits, gotten from participating in high-intensity, running activities.

10. Flush your stomach (Not drinking water).

It is believed that the body is made up of 75% water. Common sense, dictated that this water should be replenished regularly, for the body to function, at optimal levels.

The benefits of water is second to none, you can find out, an in-depth breakdown, of how to drink water like a champion in our water therapy for weight loss guide.

11. Avoid eating junk food.

This point is self explanatory. Junk foods, are filled with carbs, which causes the body to produced inflamatory substances, which causes the body to lose optimal functions, causing weight gain.

Common sense dictates that, to lose weight, you need to avoid, consuming them regularly.

But a healthy splurge on them, from time to time, won’t kill you though.

In conclusion, these are the 11 Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work:

  1. Stop sucking in your stomach to look fit.
  2. Your back is important
  3. Your obliques are important
  4. Eat more but eat more vegetables
  5. Stop practicing intermittent fasting
  6. VegCspice smoothie
  7. Squats
  8. Leg raises
  9. Running
  10. Flush your stomach (Not drinking water).
  11. Avoid eating junk food