Many people want to lose weight but they are not ready to commit. If you are cut from a different cloth, below are the 10 commandments of weight loss.

These 10 commandments of weight loss should be engraved in your hearts forever.

  1. Thou shall have no other long term goal before thee except losing weight:
    The majority of people cannot multitask, concentrating on losing weight as the only long term goal, can help you in achieving the said goal in record time.
  2. Thou shall not bow for any eatable that might jeopardize your goal:
    Junk food makes you fat, if you must eat eatables, then they must be fresh organic foods.
  3. Thou shall concentrate on your back at all times:
    The body and a house have one thing in common… they are both buildings.
    Whereas a house is an inorganic building, the body is an organic building.
    As such, just as a house has a foundation, the body also has a foundation, which is the back. And, all buildings without a strong foundation, collapse and perish.
    For this reason, it is imperative, to strengthen the foundation of your organic building (body), which is your back, that way, your whole body becomes firm and in place.
  4. Remember the day you will be ripped and countdown towards it:
    This serves as the easiest and necessary morale booster to keep you focused on your goal of losing weight.
  5. Honor your water bottle and keep it handy:
    Water has no calories. Drinks lots of it, when losing weight. Also, it helps you not have unnecessary fleeting thoughts about food, and crave it continuously.
  6. Thou must not feel sorry for yourself unnecessary:
    Be courageous at all times; people will surely laugh or make fun of you for taking baby steps, it is only a matter of time you bolt and leave your fats behind.
  7. Thou shall not be lazy:
    What you started you must finish.
  8. Remember that only you can help yourself:
    Therefore complete all of your exercises. If you miss one day, you will miss it every day.
  9. Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s perfect body:
    Stop coveting other super models perfect body, rather work towards uncovering your perfect body from those layers of fats.
  10. Thou shall not lose hope and rivet to your old ways halfway into the plan:
    This commandment deals with lazy people who don’t see things through. If you don’t decide to help yourself, by kicking the ass of those stubborn fats, pulling you down, nobody will help you do it.
    If you are tired of that, then check out the 30 days weight loss challenge.